7 Jan

Wealth Solutions and it’s Three Pillar Financial Planning Process

Richard Blair’s financial advisory services firm, Wealth Solutions, offers excellent services that ensure the growth and protection of its clients and their assets. Richard is highly qualified and experienced with several professional certifications including CES, CFS, RICP, and CAS. His Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm has served countless satisfied clients over the years.

Wealth Solution’s Financial Planning Process

Richard holds the opinion that all his clients need a solid financial plan that enables them to achieve their goals. Thus, he strives to arm the local Austin, Texas, community with excellent retirement planning and wealth management services. Richard follows a three pillar approach that discovers a client’s financial situation and their retirement needs before coming up with a customized plan.

Pillar one: It’s specifically designed to assist clients to come up with a financial roadmap. It identifies goals, risk tolerance, strengths, and growth opportunities. It’s only after understanding a client’s financial situation can one help them forge a financial plan.

Pillar two: Here, a long-term strategy is forged to meet the client’s investment needs. The strategy is tailored to a client’s investment goals and liquidity needs. Richard manages and reallocates assets to ensure maximum performance of his clients’ portfolios. He also minimizes any negative effects that their portfolios may face should the markets perform poorly.

Pillar three: Here, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions concentrates on his client’s insurance needs including life insurance, annuities, and long-term care. He ensures that his clients and their families are well cared for even after retirement.

Today, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions continues to provide objective and unbiased advice to his clients without any conflict of interest. He puts the interests of the client above his own.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair is the owner and proprietor of Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory service firm that he founded in Austin, Texas. Richard started Wealth Solutions to serve individual clients, small business owners, and families. He wanted to leave a positive impact on the lives of all his clients. Growing up, Richard experienced, firsthand, the importance of education and the impact it had on the lives of those who pursued it.

After graduating from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Richard immediately started working in the finance industry. In 1994, he opened Wealth Solutions, an independent firm that provides objective and unbiased financial advice to clients sans any conflict of interest. Since then, Richard has increased his experience and knowledge in retirement planning.

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5 Jan

Cosmetics should Do More Than Cover Blemishes Says Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

The cosmetics industry has always traded somewhat on the issues people have with their complexion or on blemishes that can make even the most confident individual feel uncomfortable; for Lime Crime founder Doe Deere trading on the discomfort of others is not an option s she feels makeup should be a major part of the life of every person. The Lime Crime brand has developed its name based on the bold color choices and the confidence that can be gained from following one’s own style choices and personality at all times.


Doe Deere launched the cosmetics brand, Lime Crime in 2008 after struggling to find makeup that matched the vision she had for herself and the clothing line the company had begun life as. The switch to cosmetics saw the Russian born Doe Deere facing a challenge from established professionals in the cosmetics industry who believed it impossible to find success selling cosmetics Online, a belief the Lime Crime brand has shown to be incorrect.


The decisions Doe Deere makes each and every day in a bid to extend the success of her cosmetics brand are often based on her own gut feelings that she believes have developed over the course of her professional life to be as important as getting the best possible information. Understanding the mind of Doe Deere means looking to use the best i technology and business ideas in a bid to push herself and her brand to the very top of the fashion industry in a way that is cruelty free on all levels. The cosmetics created for Lime Crime are vegan and cruelty free, while the work of Doe Deere is also completed in her business relationships in a way that lifts up each individual in a bid to bring out their positive attributes.


Doe Deere has become a major figure among young entrepreneurs who are hoping to follow in the footsteps of the former singer in a rock band who has made the Online marketing of cosmetics her own niche area. Young entrepreneurs are often among those Doe Deere provides motivational talks for and hopes to inspire young women around the world to find their own voice and sense of personal style.

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4 Jan

The Remarkable Story Of Cotemar’s Growth

In Mexico, Cotemar ranks as the largest service company in the energy sector. The company has specialized in offering its services to companies such as Petroleos Mexicanos at their offshore oil and gas drilling operations. Cotemar’s history dates back to 1979. However, it has operated only in Mexico despite having close ties with many international companies.

During its inception, the company offered services in two strategic lines. It zeroed in on providing accommodation and catering services. This line of business sought to deliver food and provide accommodation to workers at offshore oil wells. It eliminated the need to transport food and personnel into the sites frequently. Secondly, the company had specialized vessels in the Campeche Bay. They provided diving, maintenance, and personnel transportation services at http://www.indeed.com.mx/cmp/Cotemar/reviews.

Three years after it was founded, Cotemar introduced additional specialized vessels to its fleet. This addition expanded the company’s capacity and enabled it to operate at multiple sites. The new vessels were designed to transport materials and personnel for various clients.

Cotemar continued to strive to improve its services and established itself as a market leader on Expansion.mx. This way, the company acquired its first rig in 1985. The introduction of this platform revolutionized how the company provided its services. The company was now able to serve more workers and provide them with more comfortable accommodation services. The rig served as an accommodation platform for many offshore working sites.

With the growing oil reserves around the world, the demand for the company’s services increased. It responded to this demand by introducing more rigs and specialized vessels on cotemar.com. In 1988, the company added 5 rigs and 3 specialized vessels simultaneously. These facilities strengthened the company ability to offer quality personnel and material transportation services. Cotemar’s catering & accommodation departments and construction & maintenance lines also gained significantly from the new rigs and vessels.

Cotemar entered the new millennium in style by introducing Hibernia in 2002. The innovative platform had improved safety, fire systems, and modern accommodation rooms. Its helipad ensured that personnel and materials could be moved in and out of the rig much faster. In the recent past, the company has contracted COSCO to construct its semi-submersible rigs. In 2012, the entity ordered the construction of two such rigs. It also acquired specialized cranes and maintenance vessels. Such vessels have ensured that Cotemar remains as the leading provider of unique services to offshore oil and gas sites in Mexico.

16 Dec

Dherbs.com Offers Amazing Products And Information


Dherbs Cleanse is an all natural, vegan solution to health, nutrition, and well-being. The Dherbs Cleanse lines of body cleanse include a full body cleanse and a blood cleanse. They are designed to remove toxins and impurities that build up in the body and cause a whole range of serious issues for people. The Dherbs.com brand believes that people should listen to their bodies and strive to be healthy and vital. Their products are used to encourage a healthy lifestyle and assist their customers in achieving positive well-being.


Dherbs cleanse has been featured in numerous articles and has even been seen on the Steve Harvey show. People everywhere have started to realize the potential to be healthier through using these incredible products. There are also nutritional supplements as well as an informative blog that is packed with valuable information that can be found on their home website. This company is dedicated to helping people realize their full potential when it comes to having a healthy body and mind. They are thrilled to be able to supply their customers with the finest nutritional aids, cleanses, and supplements that are available on the market today.

If you are active on social media you can easily find their Twitter and Facebook pages. They offer informative posts such as articles intended to improve your health, recipes, and helpful information to assist in a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to connect with the company such as their home website, Dherbs.com. By checking out Dherbs.com you will get a better idea about what the company has to offer and get access to valuable information as well as a chance to check out the products that they offer. Check them out and discover what all the recent press is about.  But make sure that you read the reviews, including from reputable websites like EarthlyBodies.org as well as TrustPilot’s in depth review.

7 Dec

David Osio and His Company Launches the Davos CAP Calculator Mobile App

David Osio is one of the most accomplished professionals in the financial and real estate development industries. He is the current CEO of the Davos Financial Group. This is a collection of independent companies licensed to deliver investment opportunities. The primary focus of Davos Financial group is to provide financial services advisory and expert asset management. The company has earned high recognition in the Latin American market as a full-service company. In the recent past, the company had its services expanded through its companies situated in regions including Miami, Florida, New York, and Panama. For more information, you can visit the company’s website.


Before founding the company, David Osio was working as the Vice President of the Banco Latino International. In 1993, he had numerous responsibilities in the company including defining market strategies, management of all corporate departments, and the management of customer acquisition. His efforts expanded his portfolio of services significantly. He studied at the University of Andres Catolica. While he was a director, his leadership abilities have developed in various ways. In 1988, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Law. Mr. David Osio is also a philanthropist when he is outside office. He has engaged in numerous campaigns and organizations that support the rights of children.


According to the recent news, Davos Real Estate Group has announced the launch of its new mobile application. This mobile app will serve as the tool to work with the company without visiting the premises for further consultation. The app allows their prospective customers estimate the amount of profit they would get if they invest in the selected real estate developments. The Davos Real Estate Group is part of the parent company Davos Financial Group that focuses on investments in Latin America. For more than 20 years of experience in the financial and investment world, the company has gained popularity as the most trusted firm for investment. According to investors, they choose the company because it offers a clear list of their investment services and your profit.


Davos Real Estate Group has launched the mobile application as a sign that there are more coming on the way.  For the preferred investment opportunities,the investment agents will extend an invitation to the office and lay out the deal.

28 Nov

Mike Baur: A True Modern Day Revolutionary

When it comes to being labelled as a revolutionary means that you have to be able to great things that are on another level from the competition. Changing the game is another way to put it, but many individuals just doesn’t have what it takes to be a true revolutionary. Have you ever heard of Mike Baur? Have you heard of The Swiss Start Up Factory? Unlike famous celebrities and athletes that world seems to idolize, most authentic revolutionaries will never become household names even though they’re providing products/services that enhances lifestyles of man-kind.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is a reflection of the 21st Century. Technology dominates the scene no matter the field or industry. Some of the most popular devices today use some of the most advance technology whether it’s phones, apps, televisions, or computers. The Swiss Start Up Factory is designed for those brilliant individuals who are looking for successful careers in this innovative industry. The program prepares individuals for entrepreneurship and the business world. With such a sophisticated structure, this program teaches people the tips, tricks, and techniques for pitching ideas to investors or to simply start a brand/company of your own. People who have active minds and are wanting to “set the world on fire” with their ideas can truly benefit from the program. Technology is a field that will never go out of style so brilliant minds of the present will be leading the way into the future.


This Swiss Entrepreneur has over 20 years of experience in the world of banking and has worked for some of the most prominent banks by the names of Sallfort and Clariden. Mr. Baur is from Fribourg, Switzerland and with his strong ambition to push himself to the limit, he and two other individuals partnered up and started the (SSUF) back in 2014. Now digitally innovative people had a place to learn, be tested, and to shared their ideas for starting businesses.  Mike Baur is transcending the tech start-up world with his ideas, beliefs, and expertise, while the Swiss Start Up Factory is developing the next wave of tech geniuses.


25 Nov

Great Work of Rick Shinto and his Colleagues at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a fast rising organization in the provision of healthcare services.it operates the health procedures in Puerto Rico Healthcare, Inc as well as PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. (PMC). Its network is carried out by more than 7,500 providers and its association entails over 200,000 people. InnovaCare is dedicated to delivering excellent health care to it members by initiating maintainable models, which are profitable, groundbreaking and entirely integrated with modernized technologies.

The healthcare company’s main objective is advancing healthcare administration to handle the encounters of the tough health care environment of this generation. The principles of InnovaCare entail that patients should come first, worthy medical care is their end goal, the relationship between patients and their providers is steady, extended medical networks and performances and also the rise of the organization which needs professional leadership.

Rick Shinto is the current Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare. Before joining InnovaCare, he was an associate of the management team of Aveta Inc where he later on worked as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the same company from the year 2008 to 2012.he also served as Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. He has over 20 years’ experience in clinical and operational healthcare. Furthermore, Dr. Shinto is an author of multiple books on clinical and healthcare medicine. He achieved a B.S from California University at Irvine and received an M.B.A from the University of Redlands.

Penelope Kokkinides another medical expert has recently rejoined InnovaCare Health. She is now the Chief Administrative Officer at the company. Initially, she worked as Chief Operating Officer of the company as well as Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc. Penelope Kokkinides also has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare majoring in programs of the government specifically Medicare and Medicaid. She has also been a leader at Centerlight Health Care, she took care of tactical direction of the care division. Penelope Kokkinides graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in biological sciences as well as a master’s degree from New York University in Social work.

InnovaCare has recently joined the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) launched by HHS to boost its payment methods. LAN was initiated to motivate the arrangement in payment models all over the private and public areas of the U.S. Health Care structure.

Source: https://www.openminds.com/market-intelligence/bulletins/innovacare-health-announces-three-additions-leadership-team/

2 Nov

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Helps Small Businesses With Loans According CFO Kevin Seawright

Newark is one of those American cities that has gone through the trials and tribulations that come with a change in economic health and social interaction. For years, Newark has been a shell of a city, even though it is located a few miles away from New York City. Newark developed a reputation as a low-income and violent city that chased businesses away. But the stigma of being a city no business wanted is finally going away thanks to the Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is about a year old. The Corporation was formerly called the Brick City Development Corporation. The goal of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is to help small businesses open and thrive in downtown Newark. One of the key players in the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is Kevin Seawright. Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of the corporation. Seawright has been with the company since 2014.

To date, Kevin Seawright and the Newark CEDC has helped more than 50 businesses get started in Newark. The typical Newark CEDC loan is $25,000. If a new business needs more money, Seawright works with lending institutions to secure additional funds. Thanks to Seawright, Market Street in downtown Newark is becoming a thriving retail street again.

For years, Market Street was the main retail street in Newark. Shoe and clothing stores, as well as jewelry stores, were successful on Market Street because of heavy consumer traffic in the 1940s and 1950s. But things began to change in the 1960s.

But Seawright and his staff of accountants and loan personnel are bringing Market Street back to life. Seawright is also making sure that Newark is part of New Jersey’s economic recovery plan. The state is only as strong as its cities, and Newark is one of the most recognizable cities in the state. Kevin Seawright believes small businesses are the life force of a city, and he’s doing everything he can to increase that life force.

1 Nov

Matte Lipstick From Lime Crime


I have used Lime Crime products for some time now, but there is always something new that the company introduces that I feel that I would like to try. One of the products that I always try to have on hand is the matte lipstick. A new color that I have found that I actually enjoy is Bloodmoon. It’s a deep red that has a velvet appearance while on the lips. The product goes smoothly on the lips, and it will last the entire day so that I don’t have to worry about applying it over and over again.


Another color that I like in the matte lipstick line of items by Lime Crime is Moonstone, and I’ve bought them from Love-Makeup before. This is a gray color that looks silver. It doesn’t glisten on the lips, but it does give a hint of a sheer design when you’re in the right light. The color blends with almost everything in my wardrobe. Lime Crime has satisfied my makeup desires once again with these colors that are offered. I even found the combination so that I can get both of the lipsticks for one price, which makes it easy to choose which one I want to wear instead of purchasing one lipstick at a time.

Posh is another lipstick color that Lime Crime offers that I enjoy.