5 Feb

Highland Capital Management Appoints Linda Owens As Charitable Giving Manager

In a collaborative effort, Dallas, Texas-based Highland Capital Management, and renowned philanthropist Linda Owens will explore new charitable opportunities for James Dondero’s asset management organization. Ms. Owen, acting as Highland Capital Management’s charitable distribution administrator, will work with the Dallas Foundation, that oversees the organization’s charitable distribution fund.

More than $ 3 million goes to local and regional charitable organizations involved in education, veteran’s affairs, health care, and Dallas community needs. Current beneficiaries include the Dallas Zoo, the Center for Brain Health, the American Heart Association, Uplift Education and many other worthy causes.

James Dondero, commenting on Linda Owens appointment, “As we’ve expanded our philanthropic activities, we recognized the need for a dedicated professional to manage these efforts and ensure our contributions make the greatest impact in our community and the causes we support.” He cites her experience in developing relationships with the Dallas community as her strong point. She has a strong conviction towards charitable giving and believes in its impact within the community.

According to Glass Door, James Dondero shares the same commitment towards charitable giving as Owens does. Owens believes that their commitment and vision for the future serves as a solution to the many issues confronting local non-profit groups. Owens commenting on her appointment, “It’s an incredible opportunity to work alongside someone with that kind of dedication and I look forward to helping channel it into thoughtful, giving.”

Linda Owens served as the CEO and President of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, coordinating the Klyde Warren Park development in Dallas.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Juris Doctor degree. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Owens worked at Wald, Harkrader & Ross, as a real estate associate. The Crystal Charity Ball and the Family Place are some of the many charitable organizations Linda has worked with.

3 Feb

Doe Deere Shares Her Secrets to Success

In a recent interview that Doe Deere did, she explained how she was able to make her dreams come true, with the success of her business Lime Crime, a makeup company with flare. She also wanted to explain how other young women can make their dreams come true as well.


Doe grew up in Russia, where as a child she figured out how to make temporary tattoos. She showed them around her school and started selling them to her classmates. This was her first entrepreneurial venture. Later she moved to New York City with her parents. New York was her stomping ground as a teenager and young adult. She currently lives in Los Angeles.


As a child, her big dream was to become a musician. She met her husband while playing in the same band. She says that playing in the band helped her learn about promoting and marketing. When she met her husband, they realized that they worked very well together, so it wasn’t long before they started Lime Crime.


This is when she started making her own makeup. She says she was surprised to find that there many other people who liked the same colors. So, Lime Crime became a real company.


Their mission is to build a new way of thinking about makeup. They sell their products via the Internet, a new concept for makeup. They provide colors that are bright and very unique to the industry. They offer makeup that allows people to truly express their mood. All their products are certified as Vegan and animal cruelty-free.


When asked what she recommended to other young women with the entrepreneurial drive, she says to simply follow your heart. Find what really interests you and tune into it. You will find a way to build it into something successful. She claims that her love of color and flare, was the driving force behind her success with Lime Crime. So, whatever your passion is, is where you will thrive.

1 Feb

Anthony Petrello’s Call For Children’s Neurological Research

Sometimes those who understand the needs of various causes do so because they have dealt with them personally. Such is the case of Anthony Petrello, Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries and a new spokesperson for children’s neurological research. Anthony Petrello is the father of a young girl named Carena who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that’s prevented her from doing many things that other young children her age are able to do. It was very hard for Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello to have to have to deal with, but with their gifts to the Texas Children’s Hospital and newfound friends who have helped them in their endeavors, the Petrellos have gone all-in in their efforts to help find cures for CP.

Anthony Petrello has come a long way in his career to be where he is today. He grew up in a typical New Jersey neighborhood just outside the busy metro area of New York City and the subject he did best at in school was math. So much so that he earned acceptance to Yale University and was considering going into the field full time after getting both his bachelor’s and master’s in advanced mathematics. He had a change of heart and decided instead that financial law was his thing, so he went to Harvard where he completed his J.D.

While there he primarily represented affluent clients and performed services such as underwriting, tax guidance, arbitration and other financial law matters. In 1991 he accepted a position at Nabors Industries as Chief Operating Officer and in 2011 he became Chairman and CEO after longtime leader Eugene Isenberg retired. Petrello has helped Nabors invest in drilling technologies and develop proprietary software and automated systems. Nabors currently owns one of the largest land and offshore drilling rig fleets in the world. In addition to being Chairman of Nabors, Petrello is also on the boards of Hilcorp Energy, Stewart & Stevenson LLC and the Texas Children’s Hospital.