29 Mar

Why Robert Santiago is a Shrewd Entrepreneur and Businessman

Robert Santiago is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur at his late 50’s. He has made name for himself in Joao Pessoa for being the proud owner of the largest mall called Manaira Shopping. Furthermore, he also owns Mangeira Shopping Mall, a contemporary shopping complex located in the city. The shopping centers have played a major role in revolutionizing the shopping experience in the State of Paraiba and more specifically Joao Pessoa.

Santiago’s Background

Roberto Santiago is a man with a wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to business and entrepreneurial matters. His entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise are owed to his excellent academic background. In fact, he attended the Pio X Marist College. He then proceeded to the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a business administration degree.

After graduating, Roberto Santiago embarked on his career path at the Café Santa Rosa. Later on, he ventured and invested in his cartonage company. Since then, Santiago’s career in business has been a promising journey, which has seen him become one of the popular business personalities in the Joao Pessoa area. Read more on blogdogordinho.com

Santiago’s Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping prides itself as the largest commercial and shopping complex in state of Paraiba in Brazil.

  • Theaters

For movie enthusiasts, Manaira Shopping boasts of eleven rooms that are fitted with state-of-the -art display equipment. The theaters also have VIP and 3D rooms, as well as stadium system concept that is well-reflected by the seating arrangement. This stadium setting allows the customers to have a better view of the display.

When it comes to electronic gaming, Manaira Shopping has proven to be the ideal center for such an activity. In fact, the shopping complex hosts over 200 machines for gaming purposes. The mall also has adequate space for its fully-electronic bowling lane.

  • Gourmet Space

Manaira Shopping features a Gourmet Space that offers an ideal section for individuals to interact with each other at the mall. Aside from the relaxing environment, the gourmet offers delicious meals including hamburgers.

  • Domus Hall

Roberto Santiago also hosts concerts on Manaira’s roof top. The concert hall is well-known as Domus Hall. It is one of the largest halls in Joao Pessoa. Santiago launched the mall with the aim of attracting artists from all over the world to the city. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

27 Mar

Jeremy Goldstein: A New York Bar Association Referred Lawyer

Lawyers are essential part of any legal process and are especially extremely beneficial to have if you are running your company. A company needs someone who is experienced in the legal sector to make sure that all their contracts follow the proper rules and guidelines and also to ensure that the company has all their legalities in place. There’s no secret that a successful company always has a successful legal backing to make sure that they are always on the right track. But the reality of finding a good lawyer for a company isn’t something you can just google. Corporate lawyers are an indisposable part of any business, and therefore, companies try to get a lawyer by their side as soon as they get their company off the ground.


When things get out of hand, people don’t exactly have all the time in the world and sit through references and search for the best lawyer. If they are in need of a lawyer, they need it fast. The New York Bar Association soon realized this growing need among companies and individuals like and released its referral service where it lists some of the top lawyers under their jurisdiction to give companies access to the best lawyers in times of need.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who has been listed by the New York Bar Association’s referral service as a lawyer having an incredible amount of skill in the field of corporate law and litigation.


Through the span of his career, Jeremy Goldstein has worked on several high-profile cases and has led several top tier companies to victory on their court cases.


Looking for attorneys? Check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeremy-L-Goldstein-Associates-LLC/411406302333227.

8 Mar

The Impeccable Career of Brian Bonar

Undeniably, Brian Bonar is one of the most respected financial experts in San Diego and United States. For this reason, he has received several awards such as the Cambridge Who’s Who Financial chief executive officer of the year. The networking community regards this as the most prestigious award for an executive officer.

When receiving this award, Brian Bonar was excited and said that it was an honor to receive the award. He has received this award twice, and this is a revelation of his prowess. Brian Bonar has been in the financial world for long to realize trends and make the necessary adjustments for himself and his clients.

Some of the skills that he has managed to acquire over the years include mergers & acquisitions, management as well as strategic planning.

Brian Bonar is not a selfish financial expert as he often shares his vast experience with other less experienced executives. He currently plies his trade with a company called Dalrada Financial as the chief executive officer and chairman. He specializes in employee benefits with this firm for his clients as well as outsourcing. He also offers insurance services for his clients as well as other financial services.

Dalrada Financial concentrates its services in the United States and majorly deals with debit cards, payroll advances, tax strategy techniques and supplemental insurance plans. The firm also specializes in tax deferred benefits among other services. Clients of this firm seek for services related to dental insurance, vision insurance, and group dental coverage.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar has been shaped by his educational background coupled with a brilliant mind. Brian Bonar attended one of the finest and most established schools in the world. He schooled at James Watt Technical College for his graduate program between 1963 and 1969. While at the institution, Brian Bonar specialized in mechanical engineering.

Between 1973 and 1985, Brian Bonar attended the Stafford University for his master’s program. In this institution, he specialized in mechanical engineering. Other than Dalrada Financial, Brian is also involved with other businesses such as Trucept Inc.

The company specializes in human resource administration as well as employee benefits and payroll issues. His major responsibility with this firm is acting as the chief executive officer and as the chairman. Brian Bonar has been involved with this company for six years now.

Other ventures that he has had a spell at include Allegiant Professionals Business Services, Bezier Systems, ITEC Image Technologies, QMS Rastek Corporation, Adaptec and finally IBM.

Other areas that he is good at include business planning, due diligence, process involvement as well as negotiation. Brian Bonar has also proven to be good at strategic partnerships, private equity, and restructuring.

On his free time, Brian Bonar love boat riding, golfing and spending time with his dear family.

3 Mar

Bruce Levenson: Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Has Given Back A Lot To Washington DC

Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) have made some news recently in a court case regarding the team’s former insurance company. Levenson and AHBE sold the Atlanta Hawks back in 2015 to Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler’s group, but former General Manager Danny Ferry had attempted to file a complaint with AIG insurance which was subsequently rejected. AHBE decided to buyout Ferry’s contract and pursue legal action against AIG for failing to honor their policy. The case appears to be dragging out in court.

He graduated from Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and also attended law school at American University but never became an attorney. He first started as an editor for the Washington Star, a now defunct newspaper. But he soon began becoming interested in business and industry news, so in 1977 he and his friend Ed Peskowitz started their own publishing company in their own home. That company became United Communications Group (UCG), a company that originally started buying journals but has since evolved into a business startup and big data research company. They are also the founders of GasBuddy and the now independent TechTarget.

Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks back in 2004 and also bought the Atlanta Thrashers as part of the deal. He owned the Hawks for nearly 12 years. Levenson has also been invested in philanthropy in the Washington D.C. area. He’s been active in non-profit groups such as Hoop Dreams, Community Foundation of DC, and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. He’s also given to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and started programs for young people to learn the importance of the event.  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html


2 Mar

Swiss Based Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Swiss based entrepreneur Mike Baur has established himself as one of the most successful business people in Switzerland. When he first began his career, he worked for a number of banks in which he helped entrepreneurs obtain financing. This experience helped inspire him to get more involved with startup businesses. He would eventually begin investing in startup companies for a number of years to capitalize on this emerging trend. After a number of years investing in startup companies, Mike would then start up his own business called Swiss Startup Factory. He co founded the company and developed it with a unique business model. The company helps businesses by providing mentorship and consulting services. With the help of this company, a number of startups have been in position to become more successful.


For two decades Mike spent his time working in the banking industry. When working in the banking sector, Mike frequently assisted a number of businesses with getting financing. Since many companies were in need to money to start up or expand, they looked to Mike to help them get the necessary resources. Baur would provide them with loans to help them reach their various objectives.

Mike would later move on to investing in startup companies. This venture allowed Mike to get first hand experience dealing with these types of companies. He would often invest his own capital in a number of new companies in hopes of earning significant returns. During his years investing in startup companies, Mike would earn a considerable amount of money and begin to realize just how lucrative startup investing really is. This would also inspire him to start up a company of his own.


After investing in startup companies, Mike co founded Swiss Startup Factory a few years ago. The company specializes in providing mentoring, coaching and financing for numerous startup companies in Switzerland. The company holds events on a regular basis in which entrepreneurs are allowed to pitch their business idea to Mike and his company. Mike then evaluates each business idea and then chooses the ideas that he believes have the most potential. Once chosen, these entrepreneurs are able to get a lot of assistance from Mike and his company. This assistance helps these entrepreneurs put themselves in the best position to make their companies as successful as they can be.