20 Apr

What Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Has To Say About Her Makeup Empire

Upon taking a look at Russian-born Doe Deere’s pastel-colored hair, neon lips and sparkly eyeliner, many people would mistake her for a model rather than the CEO of a hugely successful makeup company. Deere has managed to turn her personal aesthetic into one of the most profitable cosmetics brands of the decade.


When Lime Crime launched in 2008, few makeup brands were selling products that encouraged experimentation with color and unique finishes. The look of the year was all about understated neutral tones. Deere, having always been attracted to bold colors and all things sparkly, created her makeup brand to fill a gap in the market.


Less than ten years later, Lime Crime has become the trendsetter in the makeup industry. While Deere has always created products that used super bright pigmentation and glittery or glossy finishes, other makeup brands are only just starting to catch on. Predictably, lots of the most popular makeup brands are ripping off Deere’s signature style.


What makes Lime Crime so unique is that Doe Deere has stayed true to her own personal aesthetic since the brand’s launch almost ten years ago. Each product is carefully formulated to Deere’s approval and she tests each product out on herself for a considerable length of time before deciding that it’s right for the brand. Because of this dedication to her own vision, millions of loyal fans know that what they are getting is an incredibly unique makeup product that is miles ahead of what’s currently trendy.


As the CEO, Deere has learned to always trust her gut in every situation. If a decision doesn’t instinctively feel right, she doesn’t entertain it for a second. She knows her brand and knows exactly what type of cosmetics customers purchase Lime Crime products.


Another part of Lime Crime’s success is its love for animals. In addition to the fact that many Lime Crime products feature cute animals on the packaging, the brand takes a highly ethical stance when it comes to the treatment of animals in the cosmetics industry. All Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty-free, allowing customers to know that the Lime Crime products that they purchase are not harming animals in any way. Deere, a lifelong animal lover, regularly donates to animal rescue programs around the country.


Thanks to Deere’s devotion to her dreamy and whimsical aesthetic, cosmetics lovers have learned how to have fun with makeup. Despite the fact that multiple brands have tried to copy Lime Crime’s aesthetic, the brand is always ahead of the trend much to the excitement of loyal Lime Crime customers.


Read further at https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/.


20 Apr

Morrison is a SEC Compliance Officer

Helane Morrison is an American lawyer, entrepreneur and the former United States Securities Commission and Exchange regional director. She also worked as the Hall Capital Partners LLC chief compliance officer and general counselor.


Helane Morrison Education


Born in New York Brooklyn, she studied at the Journalism Northwestern University. She later went on to the Berkeley California School Law University where she became the California Law Review and editor-in-chief. At Berkeley, she earned a Juris Doctor and was later inducted into the California State Bar.


Helane Morrison commenced her law career by working as the Richard clerk of the United States Seventh Circuit Posner Appeal Court. She also went on to serve as the United States Harry Blackmun Supreme Court law clerk. She also went on to serve at the San Francisco Rabkin, Falk, Rice, Nemerovski Canady and Howard law firm. She even became an affiliate partner at this firm.


During the transformation of the San Francisco District Office into the San Francisco Regional Office, Morrison joined SEC and was made the leader of its regional enforcement activities. A few years later, she was promoted into as the office head and was in charge of the regional director and district administrative posts. She was responsible for jurisdiction enforcement and overseeing of examination programs in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Northern Nevada, Alaska, Washington and Northern California.


During his work tenure in San Francisco, Morrison was responsible for many sophisticated fraud legal cases involving NextCard and McKesson HBOC. These case involved investment advisory violations, senior citizen and broker defrauding, and alleged insider trading. She went on to Hall Capital Partners LLC where she currently serves as the executive committee member, chief compliance officer as well as the managing director. His company Hall Capital builds class multi-asset investment portfolios for global endowments, foundations, and families.


Helane Morrison Career at the SEC


The federal government established the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission), and its responsibility is to regulate securities industry, implement federal securities laws, as well as regulate all the other United States electronic securities markets.


The agency was established through the 1934 American Exchange Securities Act and is also responsible for implementing the 1933 Securities Act, 1939 Trust Indenture Act, 1940 Investment Company Act, 1940 Investment Advisers Act, and 2002 Sarbanes–Oxley Act among other laws. Helane Morrison’s creativity, enthusiasm, and diligence is a thing that most lawyers are amazed by and wish to replicate.



14 Apr

George Soros – a Mix of Wisdom and Professional Excellence

Mr George Soros was born in late 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. At that time, a large part of Europe was occupied by the force of Nazi Germany. Together with his parents, Trividar and Erzebat Schwartz, Mr George Sorors was compelled to spend long years in prosecution due to his Jewish origins. His teenage years were spent looking for safety. His father, Trividar Schwartz, worked as a lawyer. His passion, however, was linguistics. Trividar Schwartz spent many years studying and spreading Esperanto – an artificial language, created for international use with the purpose of breaching the language borders between countries. Learn more on snopes.com about George.

In 1974, Mr George Soros was able to move to the United Kingdom. He settled in England where he found safety and stability. He was finally able to settle enough to attend an academic institution. He chose the London school of economics from which he graduates with a bachelor’s nd then with a master’s degree in Philosophy. His career also started in London where he worked for a merchant bank called Singer & Friedlander merchant bank. Mr George Soros build a successful financial career at the bank.

His current life is a great deal more different and better than his younger years were. Mr George Soros is currently among the fifty richest people in the world. He has created an empire, and he also has a lot of influence in the political world. Mr George Soros has been using that power to help improve politics in many countries since 1980. Mr Soros is currently in his 80s and has been running a very successful company – Soros fund management. The company is in control of as much as $27 billion in investor capital and assets. His personal bank account has more than $15 billion. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Mr George Soros is the author of a couple of books that have been published and translated in a significant number of languages. His written work is a mixture of educational tips and analyses of the fields of finance and politics and personal stories and life lessons. In 1987, The Alchemy of Finance became available on the market. The book features strategies regarding finance and investments as well some help on understanding the inner workings of the fields. A decade later, in 1991, his second book came out – Underwriting Democracy. In it, he shares his view on democracy and provides insight on his opinion and personal experience in politics.

Throughout his life, Mr George Soros has learned many life lessons that have become invaluable to him. His younger years have been a fuel to his philanthropy work and hi desire to take care of human rights. He wishes to make the cold world of the industry a more vibrant and welcoming and more understanding towards the individual.’

Know more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

11 Apr


Cancer is a disease whose toll on the human life has been greatly and widely felt throughout the world. Although many physicians and scientist have conducted studies with the aim of finding its cure, all these efforts seem to be futile. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist whose dedication in the treatment of the fatal disease -cancer, and not forgetting aging thus making him a force to be reckoned with in the field of medicine. Mikhail has a remarkable experience having taught in various institutes as a professor.

Mikhail Blagosklonnys education and work history

Mikhail Blagosklonnys enviable career started in Russia. He graduated from the first Pavlov state medical university of St.Petersrburg as a holder of M.D in medicine and a P.H.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology.He later served as an associate professor of medicine at an institution known as New York Medical College. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Blagosklonnys hypothesis

Blagosklonnys sheer determination in the study of cancer and aging bore fruits as he was able to establish a hypothesis. His hypothesis indicated the possibility of TOR in signaling cancer and aging. He, therefore, suggested the use of rapamycin, a popular cancer treatment drug, to increase human life span. This was huge as rapamycin proved to increase life span in mammals when it was tested on dogs.

Blagosklonnys published works

Apart from his contribution to the study of cancer and ageing, he has been hugely involved as an editor in chief of Aging Cell Cycle and the Oncotarget. He is also a publisher and has published over 270 papers in peer-reviewed journals. Some of his published works are; oncogenic resistance to growth-limiting conditions, conceptual biology: unearthing the gems and unwinding the loop of Bcl-2 phosphorylation.

Diseases like cancer have caused major grief in our lives.

Moreover, human life span has been greatly reduced since a lot of people lose their life to cancer. Although scientist has not yet been able to find a cure for cancer, the progress towards finding the cure cannot be unnoticed. The will and determination of Mikhail Blagosklonny in finding the cure for cancer may one day come to fruition. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

6 Apr

Mistakes You Might Be Making On Social Media

A social media user scrolls through his feed to see what is going on in his own personal world. He sees a few baby pictures from friends who are all too happy to share every moment of their cute child’s life, perhaps some pictures of an ex-girlfriend that he isn’t fully over, and of course marketing messages from your brand.

In this story the social media user has actually taken the time to say that they like your brand. It would be natural for that person to get some of your marketing messages put out in front of their eyes. What could be wrong about this picture though is if you just keep pushing these messages in front of them all the time.

One of the biggest mistakes that some brands make on social media according to adweek.com is to be too pushy with people. Everyone knows that brands are on social media because they want to push a particular product. That being said, people like to fool themselves into believing that their favorite brands are just using social media like all the rest of us. That is to say that sometimes we like to pretend that companies are just there to have fun. If you are not doing that, then you are already making a mistake.

If you are on social media and are also ignoring the feedback from those who take the time to follow you, what are you doing? You would be missing out on one of the most valuable parts of social media in the first place. The feedback is critical to a company doing well, reveals OnlineReputationReviews.com. This is why so many brands get on social media to begin with. If you are going to be like that as well, make sure you at least listen to the complaints and compliments and try to address both.

Finally, make sure you respond to messages you get on a pretty quick basis. People do not particularly like it if they feel like they are being ignored. They expect their friends and family to respond quickly, and that feeling often extends to the businesses that they follow as well. Remember this and try to respond quickly.

3 Apr

Arthur Becker Set to Make a Solo Investment in a Condominium Project

For some time, Arthur Becker has been silently financing some top developers including Robert Gladstone, Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. However, Arthur has made indications on going solo on a recent condominium project.

Details of the condominium project were revealed by an offering plan that was filed with the New York State Attorney General’s office. According to the plan, Arthur Becker is planning to develop an eight-unit building that will be located in Tribeca at 465 Washington Street. Additional information from the offering plan indicates that the project’s sellout is about $52.5 million. See more on Arthurbeckerstudio.com.

In an interview with The Real Deal, Arthur Becker cited that the project at 465 Washington will be a boutique building that will feature interiors designed by the renowned Paris Forino. Becker embarked on his career as a homebuilder before operating a macadamia orchard located in Hawaii. Later on, he gradually made his way into finance and technology.

Once complete, the 465 Washington condominium will host one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments that arrange from 2000 to 4000 square feet. According to Becker, the prices for the apartments will range from $2000 to $3200 per square foot. As such, the units will have an asking price that falls between $5 million and $14 million, particularly for the penthouse.

Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is an acclaimed corporate executive. He has made a name for himself as an investor in real estate and technology. Currently, he serves as the managing member of Madison Partners. The company deals with real estate and early stage biotechnology ventures. Previously, Becker served as the chief executive officer and chairperson of Zinio, LLC, the globe’s largest digital newsstand, from 2012 to 2015.

Before Zinio, Becker served as the CEO of NaviSite, a company that provided Internet technology hosting, colocation and services to businesses in the UK and US from 2002 to 2010. He also worked for Vera Wang Fashion as the senior advisor for about seven years. Arthur is a well-educated individual with a mixed major of photography and ceramics from the Bennington College. He also acquired business knowledge and skills from Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

For more info, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_Becker

1 Apr

Brian Bonar’s Career Success In The Financial Industry

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, a financial services company located in San Diego, CA, that provides staffing, insurance products, and other business services. He is also the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services, a position that earned him a nod by Cambridge’s annual Who’s Who list as Executive of the Year.

Over the course of his 30-year career Brian Bonar as developed and extensive amount of knowledge about the financial industry and operating a business. At Dalrada Financial Services, Mr. Bonar offers his expertise to other companies seeking to increase their efficiency, sales, and profit. He offers his clients business outsourcing services, insurance, and financing options.

Bonar is a native of Scotland. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He continued his education at Stafford University in the United Kingdom where he earned his graduate and doctorate degrees.

Mr. Bonar first joined Dalrada Financial Services as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 1994, however, he was quickly promoted to Executive Vice President. Other positions he has filled at the company are Director, President, and Chief Operating Officer. He has served as the company’s CEO since 1998.

According to White Pages, in 1969 Brian Bonar started his professional career at IBM. After 16 years with IBM he saw an opportunity to advance his career and joined QMS as the Director of Engineering. He started developing a lot of his business and financial knowledge in 1989 when he was hired at Rastek Corporation as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

It was in 1994 that Mr. Bonar founded and operated his own company, Bezier Systems, which he developed into the first company to launch a SCSI based printer. His next stop was Itec Imaging Technologies where he served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

In addition to his work at Dalrada Financial Services, Brian Bonar has also served as the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services and, again founding his own business services company, founding AMS Outsourcing where he served as the Managing Member for almost seven years.

In 2013, Bonar became involved in the restaurant industry. He purchased a restaurant in Escondido, California. He reopened the restaurant as Bellamy’s and was able to employ the services of celebrated French chef Patrick Ponsaty.

Ponsaty has earned the designation of Master Chef of France and is one of only two in the region that has done so. The food he serves is an eclectic mix French and California cuisines. Brian Bonar is also developing a second restaurant at the nearby Ranch at Bandy Canyon which he is building from the ground-up.