22 Aug

Vijay Eswaran uses QI group to change people’s lives

Vijay Eswaran is the CEO and co-founder of QI Group. He was born in 1960 in Malaysia at a small town in Petang. Mr. Eswaran undertook his studies in London schools of Economics where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social-economics in the year 1984 after doing odd jobs in London he went back to school and acquired a CIMA certificate in the united kingdom, there after Eswaran relocated to America where he completed his MBA at the renowned southern Illinois university. While still in his studies he got a job with multi-level marketing (MLM) and he executed his job excellently until he graduated.

Vijay returned to Malaysia where he was contracted to extend the services of MLM Company in Malaysia. Eventually in 1998 together with Joseph Bismarck they founded the now famous QI Group which deals with travel businesses, wellness programs, luxury products and telecommunication.

Vijay Eswaran has made the decision to share his vast knowledge and experience to change people’s lives. He is known worldwide through his motivational books and motivational talks. He is also a highly respected lecturer around the world where he tackles issues of business mastery, leadership and spiritual well being. Mr. Eswaran does all these work because he has a passion to transform lives and see people utilize their potential.

To extend his services Mr. Eswaran has formed Vijayaratnam Foundation to facilitate his philanthropic works. The foundation transforms people’s lives through provision of education to the needy families; the Foundation achieves this through providing loans and full scholarships. So far this Foundation has given loans totaling RM 166, 000 to approximately 21 students undertaking college education and RM50, 600 to 12 students studying in Riverbank Academy.

The QI fraternity is also highly involved in community development where they support the Malaysian Hindu Youth organization (HYO). This organization was initiated by Eswaran’s father. In the year 2010 this organization gave out RM60, 000 towards developing this organization.

Mr. Eswaran also mobilizes the QI fraternity towards appreciating and supporting art and culture of diverse Malaysian population. He does this through funding cultural and traditional dances.

QI Group received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Regional Philanthropy in 2012. Vijay Eswaran plans to extend his helping hand beyond Malaysia to other needy fellow human beings of the world.

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21 Aug

Betsy DeVos: A Story of Giving, Learning, and Commitment

Most Americans know Betsy DeVos as the U.S. Secretary of Education. But few Americans know her tremendous story. Her background is one of immense giving and sharing. She was known all the way back in her college years as a leader of the education reform movement while at Calvin College. Then, she was known as Elisabeth Prince. For three decades she led campaigns, organized events and initiatives for her party, and even spearheaded numerous political action committees. Of course, it is not just politics that Betsy DeVos involved in. She has always had a soft spot for children and education. In the 1990’s she served on the board of Children First America and American Education Reform Council. Her list of experience in education causes also includes being the co-chair of the Education Freedom Fund and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which both hand out scholarships to impoverished kids.

Of course, Betsy DeVos also gives back to the community in various other ways as well. She is a strong supporter of the arts, and started the DeVos Institute for Arts Management. Sometimes, empowering teachers is the best way to help kids in school, so she helped train educators on effective methods to increase class attendance in inner city school districts. Other community outreach initiatives include social programs like helping people become employed, have hot meals, get drivers licenses, and bringing government together with entrepreneurs to create synergy in the community. But DeVos doesn’t just give lip service to these causes. She puts her money where her mouth is. In fact, her family has given over $1 billion to various causes, an impressive figure by any stretch. And she personally matched Michigan schools with $7.5 million of her own money after helping raise funds for scholarships for children.

Through various means, such as the programs above, DeVos helps kids attend better schools, get their college admissions and even higher degrees such as MBAs. Recently, in 2013, DeVos and her family gave $90 million to various associations and causes. Of that figure, half of it was directed toward Children First America and Choices for Children. A quarter was handed out to various community services, women’s shelters, animal shelters, and social services. The remaining amount was split between faith organizations and the arts. With the Foundation of Excellence in Education, Betsy DeVos has secured her name in the ranks of great philanthropists in the Michigan area. She was also a pioneer of providing choices in schools, so that parents could provide their children with the best options. That’s why DeVos sat as the chairman of American Federation for Children and the Alliance for School Choice. When it comes to giving back charitably and financially to causes that truly matter, Betsy DeVos is as experienced as they come.

16 Aug

Michael Lacey is Paving the Way for Future Mathematicians Through His Teaching

Michael Lacey is not your average mathematician. A simple look through his C.V shows that he has more experience in the field than many his age. This stems from the fact that Michael Lacey genuinely loves mathematics. As a result, he quickly grabs every opportunity available to him to advance his understanding of mathematical concepts.

It is, therefore, unsurprising that Mr. Lacey’s passion for the field drove him to become one of the most respected mathematics instructors in the country. Today, he serves as a professor at Georgia Institution of Technology’s School of Mathematics. Michael Lacey held this position for the last 16 years now but has been in the teaching profession since completing his doctoral studies in 1988.

As with all other scholars, Michael Lacey is serious about adding on to the current scope of knowledge in his field. Consequently, he has over the undertaken a number of studies and had numerous research papers covering various mathematical concepts published.

For example, for his doctoral thesis, Mr. Lacey tackled the issue of probability in Banach Spaces. Additionally, he also explored the law of integrated logarithm, with particular regard for empirical characteristic functions. Since then, he has expanded his area of research and has authored more than one hundred published papers.

The number and amounts he has received for his research grants over the years are proof that institutions of higher learning see him as a quality mathematician. His highest grant was $2.1 million received from NSF as part of the VIGRE award.

He also received a $730,000 from NSF MCTP to complete an Undergraduate Program. All in all, being entrusted with millions of dollars time and again is a testament to Mr. Lacey’s hardworking and honest character.

Over the course of his long and illustrious career, Michael Lacey has been awarded and honored by a number of organizations in the United States and beyond.

His very first award came three years after the completion of his doctorate in the form of being named an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow. Seven years later, he was one of the two individuals awarded Prix Salem by the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University.

The following year he was then awarded a 45-minute slot to speak during the International Congress of Mathematics. In 2004 and 2008 he was again named a fellow, this time by Guggenheim and Fullbright respectively. In 2012 he was named a Simons fellow and was again a year later names an American Mathematical Society Fellow.

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3 Aug

Keep Giving!

Dick and Betsy DeVos have just lifted the veil and broken their last record in charitable giving contributions all around, and they plan to only go further: $139 million dollars in total charity giving is only but a small number when it comes to the many needs that today’s postmodern society faces, after all; this number is affirmed as a small stepping stone into what the couple truly hopes to attribute in the many years to come as Dick wisely notes. There is never too much that one can give as needs will always arise; that is why Dick and his wife have donated hundreds, thousands and even millions to certain charitable causes that they have deemed in true need and are always on the lookout for more. Dick and Betsy believe in the solid importance of a true education in America, and that alone is perhaps why they have given so much money away to schools, nonprofit institutions for higher education and other similar entities: They believe that the next generation of U.S. heroes and leaders lie in our very schools today, so they thus affirm their desire to make the best form of education for all – once and for all though it may not always be easy.


Let’s face it: Today’s education system is somewhat in a slump though it has begun to change for the better, ever since President Donald Trump took office and appointed Betsy DeVos as his Secretary of Education. As a result, Americans are beginning to have hope that this country can perhaps be great again as it once was, particularly in its educational sectors. Our current school systems have simply not challenged their students enough and have lowered their quality of education overall, which – as many note – we, as a society, will pay for in years to come. Yet all is not lost; President Obama’s free giveaways and incitements toward laziness are now slowly fading away, and it is time for a new light to shine – American education that now delivers once more – through Dick and Betsy DeVos, along with top leaders like them.


One may also find new status updates on the DeVoses’ appearance in the news, as well as their newest philanthropy contributions, on Twitter and LinkedIn. A recent MLive interview was just featured online as well, one in which Dick was exclusively interviewed and purged for his many secrets to success and more. In the interview, which already has more than 3,000 shares on the online article page, Dick laid it all out: the good, the bad and the not so good. He fervently stressed the importance of giving back, especially for one’s own well-being.