20 Oct

Uncovering Paul Mampilly And His Career

Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly is described as one of the rapidly growing publications when it comes to the financial industry. Owned by Banyan Hill Publishing which is based in Florida, Profits Unlimited is a newsletter which has been in existence for one year. Currently, it has over 90,000 annual subscribers according to Banyan Hill Publishing. This comes as proof that the well-researched purchase recommendations and accessible columns by Paul Mampilly have managed to win the hearts of many mainstream investors. According to Mampilly, his readers are Main Street Americans who are looking for investment advice that is practical from sources outside the traditional financial periodicals.

The audience of Profits Unlimited is normally looking for opportunities so as to efficiently and quickly grow their retirement accounts as well as enhance their living standards. Banyan Hill Publishing together with Paul Mampilly has managed to indentify a profitable and unique niche in an industry that is very competitive. Profits Unlimited has managed to grow and succeed under the leadership of Mampilly who serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the newsletter. Paul Mampilly has an outstanding record of always finding success even when the industry was facing uncertainty and bleak futures. His achievements have achieved financial growth at the time of financial crisis.

A financial guru and a master investor, Paul Mampilly always respond to the demand of the readers by offering financial advice that is easy to implement by the average investor. According to him, this has greatly contributed to the success of Profits Unlimited. The main goal of Mampilly is to increase the confidence of investors by covering affordable biotech stocks as well as small-cap companies with exponential growth. Profits Unlimited has managed to position itself as a publication of entry-level with a competitive price so as to attract new readers. With a tiered pricing structure, Profits Unlimited has print and digital subscriptions that are bought by the years.

Paul Mampilly has been serving in the investment world for decades and has therefore earned a reputation as one of the most efficient and reliable investment advisors globally. He has managed to transform the lives of many people through his profession. Paul Mampilly began his career in finance when he went to serve as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust in Wall Street in 1991. He later went to work with Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for managing multi-million dollar accounts. He was later employed as a hedge fund manager by the Kinetic Assets management.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly: http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/08/benefiting-from-paul-mampillys-extraordinary-market-acumen/

19 Oct

Madison Street Capital’s Excellence In Corporate Restructuring

Madison Capital has made a trustworthy name for itself in the investment banking segment with exceptional service and reliability. The firm is based in Chicago and is a leading force in corporate finance.

It is adept at identifying lucrative opportunities for investors in Chicago, Oregon as well as Ghana and India. The company provides stellar advisory on corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, tax compliance and private placement among others.

The firm adopts a global strategy and has an in-depth understanding of corporate finance. The management team is highly skilled and undertakes comprehensive research and analysis to give clients the best options. This includes financial services such as valuation, asset management, and tax planning.

The company boasts of a diverse range of corporate clients including Fiber Science and Bond Medical among numerous other firms. It was behind the successful merger between DCG Software, a business technology firm based in Pennsylvania and the Spitfire Group based in Denver.

The merger of the analytics technology company and the business consulting group will create value for clients in project management and bespoke technology developments.

The top management teams from both firms were full of praise for the smooth way Madison Street Capital handled the deal. According to press releases on PR.com, the company has arranged numerous other financing deals. Another highlight in the firm’s register is the acquisition of Acuna and Associates by Dowco.

Other successful mergers the company has facilitated include the acquisition of Fabtrol by the Aveva Group, the buyout of StarSeismic by Vopne Capital and the recapitalization of Naveos by Tamroc Partners among others.

Bloomberg revealed that the Madison Street Capital reputation of facilitating exceptional corporate restructuring agreements has earned the firm numerous industry awards. It has been acknowledged by the M&A Advisor multiple times. It also won the 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks award presented by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

The firm has extensive experience in multiple segments such as technology, distribution, aerospace, biotech, and energy among others. The privately-held company was launched in 2005. It focuses on the middle-market segment as well as niche markets. Madison Street Capital has extensive relationships with industry stakeholders. Read more: Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

The executive team is also highly-skilled and experienced led by the CEO Charles Botchway. They understand the unique challenges middle-tier firms face when looking for growth capital, lines of credit and exit strategies.

This enables the company to handle both simple and complex transactions with ease. It is well versed in the intricacies of global corporate governance and is a sure bet to get companies on the path to profitability.

17 Oct

The Larken & Lacey Frontera Fund Provides a Critical Service for Women in Need

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists with a mission to help groups that support civil, migrant, and human rights. The two journalists co-founded the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice media.

They have had their run in with Sherriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ. Law enforcement took them from their homes in the dead of night and jailed them. This was the result of their having revealed the existence of grand jury proceedings that were seeking the notes of reporters on articles that covered Arpaio.

Grand jury subpoenas also went so far as to demand the identities of citizens who read New Times stories online that targeted Arpaio. Lacey and Larkin spent their entire careers defending he First Amendment. Thus, they sued the county and won their case in the night circuit United States Court of Appeals.

The day after their arrest for publishing the requests of the county subpoena, the county attorney dropped the lawsuit. Apparently, the country county attorney dropped the matter due to an embarrassment of its merits. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

In addition, the Frontera fund is on a mission to provide relief from barriers that prevent women from accessing birth control and abortion care. The Fund works to help ensure that women also have access to pregnancy testing.

Their goal is to help develop a culture of reproductive justice that the country will accept. The Fund also serves as a model for those hoping to fight racism through effective social justice means and freedom organizations that promote reproductive freedom.

In addition, the Frontera Fund seeks to provide financial assistance and accommodations for women seeking abortion services in the Rio Grande Valley. The Fund also covers emergency contraception and provides available funds to help subsidize pregnancy testing. It also enables social events that educate and inform people about issues relating to reproductive matters.

For many women, the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund provides a needed service that is nothing less than controversial in today’s political climate. Anyone interested in learning more can find additional information online about the Lacey and Larkin lawsuit, their media publications, and the Frontera Fund.

9 Oct

Bob Reina: Can We Make More Of Him?

I say this half-jokingly and I say this with some seriousness: I wish we could clone someone like Bob Reina. If the world had a lot more Bob Reina’s in it, it would be a much better place, overall. It would be a place filled with love, generosity, and kindness. It would be a place that a lot of people would enjoy living in that is for sure. Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, the video communications company that offers such state of the art features as video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats.


He started the company in 2007 and in an article; he talked about how his mission was to change lives. That blew me away, and I’m sure it has blown other people away as well. Now, this is not just someone looking to make a headline or get his or her name out there. Bob Reina is speaking from the only place he knows how to speak from and that is the heart. That is the fuel behind Talk Fusion and it is the fuel behind Bob Reina as a person. They are all heart. When a company is using its heart and its head, they are going to be in great shape for a very, very long time.


Bob Reina, at the moment, is offering 30-day free trials to customers out there that want to use Talk Fusion and see all of its perks. The perks are many because it gives people the keys to the castle, so to speak. They can run their own business, make money doing it, and have a lot more time on their hands. Of course, it will require some time, but when someone is doing something they love, time flies by and it does not really feel like the time is moving backwards as it does at other jobs for people out there. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate


Bob Reina is the person that is going to change people’s lives. It is why if more people had the same mentality as him, it would make the world a better place for everyone in it.


5 Oct

The Different Uses of Fashion With Fabletics

People use fashion for many different reasons. However, one thing to understand is that there are tons of people who don’t really pay attention to fashion. There are both men and women who just wear clothes as a means to keep warm and covered. However, the people who are interested in fashion tend to be interested for many different reasons. This is why it is important to be aware of the different fashion companies. For one thing, each unique fashion company is available for each unique reason for those that are interested in fashion.


One company that is available for the fashion minded is Fabletics. Fabletics is founded for those who want to use it as a form of self expression. One thing that is being suppressed in society is self expression. People are being censored not only in words, but more so through fashion. People are often judged and treated according to what they wear. This brings about some kind of fear of actually sticking out with fashion choices. Even those that are feeling courageous about standing out are going to have a hard time finding something that expresses their personal style. However, TechStyle prides itself on bringing people the type of clothes that suits their style.


Fashion can also be used as a form of self exploration. Many people who take an interest in fashion do not quite know what their style is. Therefore, they may have to explore it. One of the best ways to explore it is by finding many different styles which include some of the more rare styles. Fortunately, Fabletics and the other TechStyle brands come up with different styles that blend types of clothing. For instance, Fabletics has a style of clothing that is known as athleisure. This brings forth clothes that can be worn for athletic reasons as well as for social gatherings and even formal occasions.


One of the most important aspects of business is the art and creativity that comes with it. Given the type of industry that Fabletics operates in, it is important to be creative in the products and the marketing of the products.

3 Oct

Jeremy Goldstein Discusses Mergers and Acquisitions

Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney and partner at Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, LLC in New York City, has recently published an article where he discussed the process that companies and corporations complete during mergers and acquisitions. As a partner and founder of his firm, Goldstein has become exceedingly knowledgeable about the process of acquiring and merging new companies and has successfully led many businessmen through the complex process. By publishing a series of articles discussing important aspects of his career and daily routines, Jeremy Goldstein hopes to raise the awareness of young attorneys and legal students regarding the true nature of the field that the plan to enter.


Attorney Goldstein began his informative articles by discussing the reasons that some companies or executives would choose to enter into a mergers and acquisitions deal in any case. Mergers and acquisitions are negotiated between two corporations, companies, or businesses, when one company decides to sell its shares or entire entity to accomplish some financial goal. Mergers and acquisitions can occur for any number of reasons and can be extremely profitable for both the purchaser and the seller. In his article, Jeremy Goldstein offers suggestions to attorneys handling cases involving mergers and acquisitions, including the admonition to attain early meetings with both the buying and selling legal teams.


Jeremy Goldstein went on to discuss key differences between mergers and acquisitions in legal terms. A deal qualifies as a merger when two or more legal entities are combined to make one large business entity. An acquisition deal differs from a merger in the fact that it involves one company taking legal possession of another. Goldstein explained that the terms are so often linked together by attorneys and business leaders because the legal processes are so similar and are so often completed simultaneously.


Goldstein went on to discuss his extensive involvement in completion of some of New York’s largest merger and acquisition deals of the past several decades. As a graduate of the University of Chicago, Cornell University, and New York University Law School, Jeremy Goldstein was thoroughly educated in the art of legal mergers and acquisitions. Goldstein opened his own firm after years of experience in the legal field and now hopes to offer his experiential wisdom to attorneys who are just beginning their careers. The attorney holds a notable position as a chair person of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee of the American Bar Association.


Read more at https://thereisnoconsensus.com/jeremy-goldstein-explains-knockout-options-help-employers/.