14 Jul

Richard Blair Helps Individuals and Businesses Meet Investment and Insurance Goals through Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory company that provides its clients with top-notch services across Austin, Texas. They help their clients to develop, protect and manage their investment assets. Most of their clients have found Wealth Solutions as a great partner and advisor because they can notice developments in their assets. The founder of Wealth Solution is Richard Blair, and he is a renowned and highly experienced investment administrator. He has mastered his work from his vast experience and numerous qualifications evidenced by certification such as CES, CFS, RICP, and CAS. The company is run as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm and follows a well-developed financial planning process. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that for any entrepreneur to achieve any financial goal they must have a solid plan. This is one of the reasons he opted to help the people in Austin by offering them retirement planning and wealth management services through Wealth Solutions. The firm follows a very a very simple and effective approach that is divided into three pillars as outlined below.

Pillar One: In this phase, Wealth Solutions helps clients to prepare their financial roadmap that outlines the goals, strengths, weaknesses, risk tolerance and development opportunities available. After understanding where the client is coming from, it becomes easy to help them develop and follow a better financial roadmap.

Pillar Two: It is in this phase where the company develops long-term strategies that would help meet client’s investments needs. These strategies are developed in a way that they are customized to meet specific client’s investment and liquidity goals. Richard Blair does this by re-allocating and managing the assets so as to optimize their performance when the market is appropriate and reduce negative impacts during market downturns.

Pillar Three: Once all the investment goals are determined and strategies established to accomplish them, the firm works towards meeting client’s insurance needs. These needs include life insurance, annuities, and long-term care.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a renowned entrepreneur and founder of Wealth Solutions where he has been offering financial advice and other services. He decided to follow this career path from his family’s background experiences whereby his mother and grandmother were both teachers, and he learned that teaching could boost someone’s confidence and knowledge. It is then in 1994 that he founded Wealth Solutions and the firm has greatly assisted many individuals, businesses and families meet their investment and retirement needs. Learn more: http://ianjenkins.net/richard-blair-and-wealth-solutions-that-work/


15 Jun

George Soros: The Open Society Foundations

George Soros is the CEO and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations. This is an organization developed by George Soros to extend his arm of giving back to the society. For the organization, it has always worked hard to fund and support other organizations and individuals across the globe to fight for the freedom of expression, accountable governments, promote justice, and transparency. George Soros’ reputation has gone beyond the world of economics and development capabilities in this industry. For those who are willing to attain the most sophisticated business capability, they need to look at other business facilities that develop income.

George Soros has gained a great amount of wealth through betting in the risky currency trades. For those who need fast income, they always develop facilitated business solutions to access their income through agitated business capabilities. George Soros has also increased his wealth through managing the Soros Hedge Fund Management Company based in the United States. For the company, they have always worked hard to become part of the business solution to the problems facing the real estate industry. In this case, no one knows the industry better than those who have participated in its business. George Soros has also used more than half of his wealth in giving numerous individuals and organizations through charity.

George Soros was born in Hungary. He was born in that country when the Nazi Occupation was eager to develop its animated business solutions. For those who need fast income, they can do it in a manner that accelerates better business opportunities. As a matter of fact, those times posed a great danger to the Jewish communities living in the country. They were the main target by the Nazi Occupation. During that time, George Soros secured false identities to help his family evade the Nazi Occupation. In this case, he also worked hard to help other low-income Jewish families to secure false identities. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros graduated with the highest grades from high school. However, he was not admitted to a local Hungarian college because they did not allow non-citizens to access higher levels of education. For this reason, George Soros went to the United Kingdom where he worked to develop fast income in a manner that is not appreciated in the world of business. He got a job as a waiter at a local railway restaurant in London he used that money to buy food and pay rent for his family members. During that time, George Soros secured an education at the London School of Business. For this reason, he went to become one of the most prominent business partners in the United States. After graduating, he found his way to the United States through the voyage. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com

14 Apr

George Soros – a Mix of Wisdom and Professional Excellence

Mr George Soros was born in late 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. At that time, a large part of Europe was occupied by the force of Nazi Germany. Together with his parents, Trividar and Erzebat Schwartz, Mr George Sorors was compelled to spend long years in prosecution due to his Jewish origins. His teenage years were spent looking for safety. His father, Trividar Schwartz, worked as a lawyer. His passion, however, was linguistics. Trividar Schwartz spent many years studying and spreading Esperanto – an artificial language, created for international use with the purpose of breaching the language borders between countries. Learn more on snopes.com about George.

In 1974, Mr George Soros was able to move to the United Kingdom. He settled in England where he found safety and stability. He was finally able to settle enough to attend an academic institution. He chose the London school of economics from which he graduates with a bachelor’s nd then with a master’s degree in Philosophy. His career also started in London where he worked for a merchant bank called Singer & Friedlander merchant bank. Mr George Soros build a successful financial career at the bank.

His current life is a great deal more different and better than his younger years were. Mr George Soros is currently among the fifty richest people in the world. He has created an empire, and he also has a lot of influence in the political world. Mr George Soros has been using that power to help improve politics in many countries since 1980. Mr Soros is currently in his 80s and has been running a very successful company – Soros fund management. The company is in control of as much as $27 billion in investor capital and assets. His personal bank account has more than $15 billion. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Mr George Soros is the author of a couple of books that have been published and translated in a significant number of languages. His written work is a mixture of educational tips and analyses of the fields of finance and politics and personal stories and life lessons. In 1987, The Alchemy of Finance became available on the market. The book features strategies regarding finance and investments as well some help on understanding the inner workings of the fields. A decade later, in 1991, his second book came out – Underwriting Democracy. In it, he shares his view on democracy and provides insight on his opinion and personal experience in politics.

Throughout his life, Mr George Soros has learned many life lessons that have become invaluable to him. His younger years have been a fuel to his philanthropy work and hi desire to take care of human rights. He wishes to make the cold world of the industry a more vibrant and welcoming and more understanding towards the individual.’

Know more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

3 Apr

Arthur Becker Set to Make a Solo Investment in a Condominium Project

For some time, Arthur Becker has been silently financing some top developers including Robert Gladstone, Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. However, Arthur has made indications on going solo on a recent condominium project.

Details of the condominium project were revealed by an offering plan that was filed with the New York State Attorney General’s office. According to the plan, Arthur Becker is planning to develop an eight-unit building that will be located in Tribeca at 465 Washington Street. Additional information from the offering plan indicates that the project’s sellout is about $52.5 million. See more on Arthurbeckerstudio.com.

In an interview with The Real Deal, Arthur Becker cited that the project at 465 Washington will be a boutique building that will feature interiors designed by the renowned Paris Forino. Becker embarked on his career as a homebuilder before operating a macadamia orchard located in Hawaii. Later on, he gradually made his way into finance and technology.

Once complete, the 465 Washington condominium will host one penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments that arrange from 2000 to 4000 square feet. According to Becker, the prices for the apartments will range from $2000 to $3200 per square foot. As such, the units will have an asking price that falls between $5 million and $14 million, particularly for the penthouse.

Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is an acclaimed corporate executive. He has made a name for himself as an investor in real estate and technology. Currently, he serves as the managing member of Madison Partners. The company deals with real estate and early stage biotechnology ventures. Previously, Becker served as the chief executive officer and chairperson of Zinio, LLC, the globe’s largest digital newsstand, from 2012 to 2015.

Before Zinio, Becker served as the CEO of NaviSite, a company that provided Internet technology hosting, colocation and services to businesses in the UK and US from 2002 to 2010. He also worked for Vera Wang Fashion as the senior advisor for about seven years. Arthur is a well-educated individual with a mixed major of photography and ceramics from the Bennington College. He also acquired business knowledge and skills from Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

For more info, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_Becker

29 Mar

Why Robert Santiago is a Shrewd Entrepreneur and Businessman

Robert Santiago is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur at his late 50’s. He has made name for himself in Joao Pessoa for being the proud owner of the largest mall called Manaira Shopping. Furthermore, he also owns Mangeira Shopping Mall, a contemporary shopping complex located in the city. The shopping centers have played a major role in revolutionizing the shopping experience in the State of Paraiba and more specifically Joao Pessoa.

Santiago’s Background

Roberto Santiago is a man with a wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to business and entrepreneurial matters. His entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise are owed to his excellent academic background. In fact, he attended the Pio X Marist College. He then proceeded to the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a business administration degree.

After graduating, Roberto Santiago embarked on his career path at the Café Santa Rosa. Later on, he ventured and invested in his cartonage company. Since then, Santiago’s career in business has been a promising journey, which has seen him become one of the popular business personalities in the Joao Pessoa area. Read more on blogdogordinho.com

Santiago’s Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping prides itself as the largest commercial and shopping complex in state of Paraiba in Brazil.

  • Theaters

For movie enthusiasts, Manaira Shopping boasts of eleven rooms that are fitted with state-of-the -art display equipment. The theaters also have VIP and 3D rooms, as well as stadium system concept that is well-reflected by the seating arrangement. This stadium setting allows the customers to have a better view of the display.

When it comes to electronic gaming, Manaira Shopping has proven to be the ideal center for such an activity. In fact, the shopping complex hosts over 200 machines for gaming purposes. The mall also has adequate space for its fully-electronic bowling lane.

  • Gourmet Space

Manaira Shopping features a Gourmet Space that offers an ideal section for individuals to interact with each other at the mall. Aside from the relaxing environment, the gourmet offers delicious meals including hamburgers.

  • Domus Hall

Roberto Santiago also hosts concerts on Manaira’s roof top. The concert hall is well-known as Domus Hall. It is one of the largest halls in Joao Pessoa. Santiago launched the mall with the aim of attracting artists from all over the world to the city. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

3 Mar

Bruce Levenson: Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Has Given Back A Lot To Washington DC

Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) have made some news recently in a court case regarding the team’s former insurance company. Levenson and AHBE sold the Atlanta Hawks back in 2015 to Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler’s group, but former General Manager Danny Ferry had attempted to file a complaint with AIG insurance which was subsequently rejected. AHBE decided to buyout Ferry’s contract and pursue legal action against AIG for failing to honor their policy. The case appears to be dragging out in court.

He graduated from Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and also attended law school at American University but never became an attorney. He first started as an editor for the Washington Star, a now defunct newspaper. But he soon began becoming interested in business and industry news, so in 1977 he and his friend Ed Peskowitz started their own publishing company in their own home. That company became United Communications Group (UCG), a company that originally started buying journals but has since evolved into a business startup and big data research company. They are also the founders of GasBuddy and the now independent TechTarget.

Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks back in 2004 and also bought the Atlanta Thrashers as part of the deal. He owned the Hawks for nearly 12 years. Levenson has also been invested in philanthropy in the Washington D.C. area. He’s been active in non-profit groups such as Hoop Dreams, Community Foundation of DC, and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. He’s also given to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and started programs for young people to learn the importance of the event.  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html


2 Mar

Swiss Based Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Swiss based entrepreneur Mike Baur has established himself as one of the most successful business people in Switzerland. When he first began his career, he worked for a number of banks in which he helped entrepreneurs obtain financing. This experience helped inspire him to get more involved with startup businesses. He would eventually begin investing in startup companies for a number of years to capitalize on this emerging trend. After a number of years investing in startup companies, Mike would then start up his own business called Swiss Startup Factory. He co founded the company and developed it with a unique business model. The company helps businesses by providing mentorship and consulting services. With the help of this company, a number of startups have been in position to become more successful.


For two decades Mike spent his time working in the banking industry. When working in the banking sector, Mike frequently assisted a number of businesses with getting financing. Since many companies were in need to money to start up or expand, they looked to Mike to help them get the necessary resources. Baur would provide them with loans to help them reach their various objectives.

Mike would later move on to investing in startup companies. This venture allowed Mike to get first hand experience dealing with these types of companies. He would often invest his own capital in a number of new companies in hopes of earning significant returns. During his years investing in startup companies, Mike would earn a considerable amount of money and begin to realize just how lucrative startup investing really is. This would also inspire him to start up a company of his own.


After investing in startup companies, Mike co founded Swiss Startup Factory a few years ago. The company specializes in providing mentoring, coaching and financing for numerous startup companies in Switzerland. The company holds events on a regular basis in which entrepreneurs are allowed to pitch their business idea to Mike and his company. Mike then evaluates each business idea and then chooses the ideas that he believes have the most potential. Once chosen, these entrepreneurs are able to get a lot of assistance from Mike and his company. This assistance helps these entrepreneurs put themselves in the best position to make their companies as successful as they can be.



1 Feb

Anthony Petrello’s Call For Children’s Neurological Research

Sometimes those who understand the needs of various causes do so because they have dealt with them personally. Such is the case of Anthony Petrello, Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries and a new spokesperson for children’s neurological research. Anthony Petrello is the father of a young girl named Carena who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that’s prevented her from doing many things that other young children her age are able to do. It was very hard for Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello to have to have to deal with, but with their gifts to the Texas Children’s Hospital and newfound friends who have helped them in their endeavors, the Petrellos have gone all-in in their efforts to help find cures for CP.

Anthony Petrello has come a long way in his career to be where he is today. He grew up in a typical New Jersey neighborhood just outside the busy metro area of New York City and the subject he did best at in school was math. So much so that he earned acceptance to Yale University and was considering going into the field full time after getting both his bachelor’s and master’s in advanced mathematics. He had a change of heart and decided instead that financial law was his thing, so he went to Harvard where he completed his J.D.

While there he primarily represented affluent clients and performed services such as underwriting, tax guidance, arbitration and other financial law matters. In 1991 he accepted a position at Nabors Industries as Chief Operating Officer and in 2011 he became Chairman and CEO after longtime leader Eugene Isenberg retired. Petrello has helped Nabors invest in drilling technologies and develop proprietary software and automated systems. Nabors currently owns one of the largest land and offshore drilling rig fleets in the world. In addition to being Chairman of Nabors, Petrello is also on the boards of Hilcorp Energy, Stewart & Stevenson LLC and the Texas Children’s Hospital.