10 May

Doe Deere – The Huge Success Of The Colorful Lime Crime

There is definitely a lot of innovation space in the fashion world, especially when talking about makeups. Makeup is defined by the woman’s personality, and they both scream together with the beauty of a woman who knows who she is. “Makeup is a form of freedom and self-expression.”



Lime Crime is a brand that specializes in making the best makeup for you to express yourself through colors and painting. The company was designed and founded by Doe Deere, a beautiful makeup lover that has a lot of understanding about the modern tendencies of the fashion world.



Doe Deere had the great idea of mixing the best of the digital world and the makeup potential to innovate, and Lime Crime was born. Who hasn’t heard from the Blue Unicorn lipstick? It’s from Lime Crime, but not everyone knows that! The Lime Crime team are the originators of many of the modern trends that famous Youtubers and young celebrities spread around.



They are certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA & Leaping Bunny, stating Doe Deere’s belief that it’s important to care for animals and their safety. She advises her fans to follow the same path.



The creator of this fabulous idea was born in Russia but currently, lives in New York where she develops and expands her products. She makes products that are right for everybody, focused on variety because she believes that makeup isn’t about hiding your face’s imperfections, but about transmitting who you are from a simple look at your makeup choice.



Who doesn’t love to feel unique and expressive in their way?



Lime Crime is not nationally famous… It is used in the entire world, shipping to all continents and improving the self-expression of girls in many countries other than the U.S.



It’s all about starting somewhere” stated Doe Deere, talking about how a person is never ready to take the next step. Being ready is an illusion, just begin and follow your instincts.



The successful businesswoman did start modest, but she was able to find her triumph by following her path and ambitions.



She loves the story of how Lime Crime became a thing. It all began on eBay, in 2004, when she registered her DIY fashion line, which she organized all by herself. It would be launched four years later as her makeup brand when she saw that bright and unusual colors were scarce in the makeup market. Doe Deere has one final tip to any young dreamer that wants to follow their own steps: Start now, think later.


For more details, visit www.doedeere.com.

5 Jan

Cosmetics should Do More Than Cover Blemishes Says Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

The cosmetics industry has always traded somewhat on the issues people have with their complexion or on blemishes that can make even the most confident individual feel uncomfortable; for Lime Crime founder Doe Deere trading on the discomfort of others is not an option s she feels makeup should be a major part of the life of every person. The Lime Crime brand has developed its name based on the bold color choices and the confidence that can be gained from following one’s own style choices and personality at all times.


Doe Deere launched the cosmetics brand, Lime Crime in 2008 after struggling to find makeup that matched the vision she had for herself and the clothing line the company had begun life as. The switch to cosmetics saw the Russian born Doe Deere facing a challenge from established professionals in the cosmetics industry who believed it impossible to find success selling cosmetics Online, a belief the Lime Crime brand has shown to be incorrect.


The decisions Doe Deere makes each and every day in a bid to extend the success of her cosmetics brand are often based on her own gut feelings that she believes have developed over the course of her professional life to be as important as getting the best possible information. Understanding the mind of Doe Deere means looking to use the best i technology and business ideas in a bid to push herself and her brand to the very top of the fashion industry in a way that is cruelty free on all levels.


Doe Deere has become a major figure among young entrepreneurs who are hoping to follow in the footsteps of the former singer in a rock band who has made the Online marketing of cosmetics her own niche area. Young entrepreneurs are often among those Doe Deere provides motivational talks for and hopes to inspire young women around the world to find their own voice and sense of personal style.

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