4 Jan

The Remarkable Story Of Cotemar’s Growth

In Mexico, Cotemar ranks as the largest service company in the energy sector. The company has specialized in offering its services to companies such as Petroleos Mexicanos at their offshore oil and gas drilling operations. Cotemar’s history dates back to 1979. However, it has operated only in Mexico despite having close ties with many international companies.

During its inception, the company offered services in two strategic lines. It zeroed in on providing accommodation and catering services. This line of business sought to deliver food and provide accommodation to workers at offshore oil wells. It eliminated the need to transport food and personnel into the sites frequently. Secondly, the company had specialized vessels in the Campeche Bay. They provided diving, maintenance, and personnel transportation services at http://www.indeed.com.mx/cmp/Cotemar/reviews.

Three years after it was founded, Cotemar introduced additional specialized vessels to its fleet. This addition expanded the company’s capacity and enabled it to operate at multiple sites. The new vessels were designed to transport materials and personnel for various clients.

Cotemar continued to strive to improve its services and established itself as a market leader on Expansion.mx. This way, the company acquired its first rig in 1985. The introduction of this platform revolutionized how the company provided its services. The company was now able to serve more workers and provide them with more comfortable accommodation services. The rig served as an accommodation platform for many offshore working sites.

With the growing oil reserves around the world, the demand for the company’s services increased. It responded to this demand by introducing more rigs and specialized vessels on cotemar.com. In 1988, the company added 5 rigs and 3 specialized vessels simultaneously. These facilities strengthened the company ability to offer quality personnel and material transportation services. Cotemar’s catering & accommodation departments and construction & maintenance lines also gained significantly from the new rigs and vessels.

Cotemar entered the new millennium in style by introducing Hibernia in 2002. The innovative platform had improved safety, fire systems, and modern accommodation rooms. Its helipad ensured that personnel and materials could be moved in and out of the rig much faster. In the recent past, the company has contracted COSCO to construct its semi-submersible rigs. In 2012, the entity ordered the construction of two such rigs.