2 Nov

Karl Heideck- prominent lawyer in Philadelphia

Karl Heideck is a prominent practicing lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a specialist on matters of civil and commercial litigation, intellectual property, employment law, mediation, corporate law, appeals, arbitration among other business related legal topics. He is known for being thorough in his cases and leaves no stones unturned his quest for justice. His experience in the legal field enables him to have a clear interpretation of legal precedents and statutes. The ability to interpret law enables him to build strong cases that easily sail through the courts. Karl also applies the approach of negotiation which leads to out of court settlement between the parties involved.

Unlike many other cities in the United States, Philadelphia has unique laws that would need the services of a lawyer in case one needs to seek a legal interpretation on some issues. Only qualified lawyers would know how to navigate the complex lawyers. A good go-to lawyer would be Karl Heideck who has already been proved to be genuine and most of all; he understands how laws are applied in the city. Since the laws keep changing a lawyer need to be updated on the laws that are taking effect currently and their effect. A good lawyer needs to create strong cases that are based on proper interpretation of the law. Therefore, a lawyer who fails to research is likely to lay his case on flimsy grounds that can be easily demolished in a court of law.

All legal procedures that are presented in a court of law must comply with the supreme law such as the constitution or with state laws. Karls’s approach for each case is usually different. For every case that he is handling, he likes to study each and lay his argument based on the facts of the case and the law that applies. A good example to show how he deals with new laws is how he is handling the cases about car seats, recently passed as law in the state. To successfully present cases, effort needs to be applied in investigating, gathering evidence and presenting the case in the court.


About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is highly experienced in risk management, compliance, and general business litigation. He has worked with numerous clients in Philadelphia and has successfully helped them get justice in the courts. He works closely with business owners who are expected to comply with various laws that fall within his areas of legal specialization.

3 Oct

Jeremy Goldstein Discusses Mergers and Acquisitions

Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney and partner at Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, LLC in New York City, has recently published an article where he discussed the process that companies and corporations complete during mergers and acquisitions. As a partner and founder of his firm, Goldstein has become exceedingly knowledgeable about the process of acquiring and merging new companies and has successfully led many businessmen through the complex process. By publishing a series of articles discussing important aspects of his career and daily routines, Jeremy Goldstein hopes to raise the awareness of young attorneys and legal students regarding the true nature of the field that the plan to enter.


Attorney Goldstein began his informative articles by discussing the reasons that some companies or executives would choose to enter into a mergers and acquisitions deal in any case. Mergers and acquisitions are negotiated between two corporations, companies, or businesses, when one company decides to sell its shares or entire entity to accomplish some financial goal. Mergers and acquisitions can occur for any number of reasons and can be extremely profitable for both the purchaser and the seller. In his article, Jeremy Goldstein offers suggestions to attorneys handling cases involving mergers and acquisitions, including the admonition to attain early meetings with both the buying and selling legal teams.


Jeremy Goldstein went on to discuss key differences between mergers and acquisitions in legal terms. A deal qualifies as a merger when two or more legal entities are combined to make one large business entity. An acquisition deal differs from a merger in the fact that it involves one company taking legal possession of another. Goldstein explained that the terms are so often linked together by attorneys and business leaders because the legal processes are so similar and are so often completed simultaneously.


Goldstein went on to discuss his extensive involvement in completion of some of New York’s largest merger and acquisition deals of the past several decades. As a graduate of the University of Chicago, Cornell University, and New York University Law School, Jeremy Goldstein was thoroughly educated in the art of legal mergers and acquisitions. Goldstein opened his own firm after years of experience in the legal field and now hopes to offer his experiential wisdom to attorneys who are just beginning their careers. The attorney holds a notable position as a chair person of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee of the American Bar Association.


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