2 Nov

Karl Heideck- prominent lawyer in Philadelphia

Karl Heideck is a prominent practicing lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a specialist on matters of civil and commercial litigation, intellectual property, employment law, mediation, corporate law, appeals, arbitration among other business related legal topics. He is known for being thorough in his cases and leaves no stones unturned his quest for justice. His experience in the legal field enables him to have a clear interpretation of legal precedents and statutes. The ability to interpret law enables him to build strong cases that easily sail through the courts. Karl also applies the approach of negotiation which leads to out of court settlement between the parties involved.

Unlike many other cities in the United States, Philadelphia has unique laws that would need the services of a lawyer in case one needs to seek a legal interpretation on some issues. Only qualified lawyers would know how to navigate the complex lawyers. A good go-to lawyer would be Karl Heideck who has already been proved to be genuine and most of all; he understands how laws are applied in the city. Since the laws keep changing a lawyer need to be updated on the laws that are taking effect currently and their effect. A good lawyer needs to create strong cases that are based on proper interpretation of the law. Therefore, a lawyer who fails to research is likely to lay his case on flimsy grounds that can be easily demolished in a court of law.

All legal procedures that are presented in a court of law must comply with the supreme law such as the constitution or with state laws. Karls’s approach for each case is usually different. For every case that he is handling, he likes to study each and lay his argument based on the facts of the case and the law that applies. A good example to show how he deals with new laws is how he is handling the cases about car seats, recently passed as law in the state. To successfully present cases, effort needs to be applied in investigating, gathering evidence and presenting the case in the court.


About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is highly experienced in risk management, compliance, and general business litigation. He has worked with numerous clients in Philadelphia and has successfully helped them get justice in the courts. He works closely with business owners who are expected to comply with various laws that fall within his areas of legal specialization.

7 Jul

Jeremy Goldstein: A Lawyer That Stands Out Above the Rest In NY

There is now a more convenient way of finding a lawyer within the New York area. Regardless if the legal matter is child support, a landlord-tenant issue, criminal, or other, going through the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) at https://nysbalris.legal.io is the way to go. This service is available 24/7. You can also contact the LRIS telephone service.


With this referral system, you be required to filled out the form, and the system will match you up with a lawyer. The delivery of services can be scaled to more people at lower prices. The State Bar personnel will review the questionnaire form, and match the right lawyer who’s located in or near the community. After the referral, the individual must pay a $35 fee during the first 30 minute consultation if the person talks to the lawyer. This fee doesn’t apply to matters involving social security, personal injury, veteran law, military law, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, or unemployment. After this consultation, the person doesn’t have to retain the attorney. But, if the person decides to retain the attorney, the fees are determined between the lawyer and the person.


This referral system is also beneficial to lawyers. A Saratoga lawyer, Elena Jaffe Tastensen, stated that attorneys are now serving more clients because of the new online feature regarding carefully screened clients. She further stated that this system is still a great way to find new clients even though she has been in business for over 10 years now.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He has earned his law degree from the New York University School of Law in 1999. He has been there since June 2014. Before Jeremy Goldstein worked there, he worked for Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz from July 2000 to June 2014. Jeremy Goldstein was also an associate for Shearman & Sterling LLP from August 1999 to July 2000.


In Jeremy Goldstein’s current role, he is active in the executive compensation practice. His particular emphasis is on executive compensation issues arising in mergers and acquisitions.

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27 Mar

Jeremy Goldstein: A New York Bar Association Referred Lawyer

Lawyers are essential part of any legal process and are especially extremely beneficial to have if you are running your company. A company needs someone who is experienced in the legal sector to make sure that all their contracts follow the proper rules and guidelines and also to ensure that the company has all their legalities in place. There’s no secret that a successful company always has a successful legal backing to make sure that they are always on the right track. But the reality of finding a good lawyer for a company isn’t something you can just google. Corporate lawyers are an indisposable part of any business, and therefore, companies try to get a lawyer by their side as soon as they get their company off the ground.


When things get out of hand, people don’t exactly have all the time in the world and sit through references and search for the best lawyer. If they are in need of a lawyer, they need it fast. The New York Bar Association soon realized this growing need among companies and individuals like and released its referral service where it lists some of the top lawyers under their jurisdiction to give companies access to the best lawyers in times of need.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who has been listed by the New York Bar Association’s referral service as a lawyer having an incredible amount of skill in the field of corporate law and litigation.


Through the span of his career, Jeremy Goldstein has worked on several high-profile cases and has led several top tier companies to victory on their court cases.


Looking for attorneys? Check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeremy-L-Goldstein-Associates-LLC/411406302333227.