20 Jun

The Many Flavors of EOS

EOS, as one of the worlds leading makers of lip balm, has a wide array of flavors for sale. This array of flavors, in addition to their need sphere shaped applicator and organic lip balms are part of the appeal of the brand, which has experienced a meteorite like growth ever since the company was founded just a decade ago. Move here to read more articles, frenchtribune.com.

EOS produces flavors that are old lip balm standards like strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean, and sweet mint, and these flavors appeal to a wide range of buyers of lip balm, check this out. Other users prefer some of the fruit cocktail combinations that EOS sells such as summer fruit, blueberry acai, and raspberry pomegranate, which have complex and compelling flavors that quite simply available anywhere in a lip balm. Some EOS flavors are flower based like honeysuckle honeydew while others are exotic fruits like passion fruit. EOS has a flavor for everyone and half the fun is discovering your favorite. EOS sells variety packs that help you sample a wide range of flavors.

My favorite flavor is raspberry pomegranate and it is unique yet incredibly flavorful and lasts long for a lip balm. Regardless of the flavor offered that you choose, EOS Lip Balms have clean flavors that are untarnished by the additives that other brands use to flavor their balms. Since EOS avoids these additives they often have a cleaner flavor that is more unique and easy to apply without a fake residue bothering your lips particularly after many applications. This clean and authentic taste keeps pulling new customers into EOS. See youtube.com to learn more.

The high quality of EOS Lip Balms means that multiple applications are not needed as the product lasts longer than competiting brands and provides lasting protection from dryness and chapping. It is this which leaves many customers happy and satisfied with the brand able to grow.

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