20 Apr

What Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Has To Say About Her Makeup Empire

Upon taking a look at Russian-born Doe Deere’s pastel-colored hair, neon lips and sparkly eyeliner, many people would mistake her for a model rather than the CEO of a hugely successful makeup company. Deere has managed to turn her personal aesthetic into one of the most profitable cosmetics brands of the decade.


When Lime Crime launched in 2008, few makeup brands were selling products that encouraged experimentation with color and unique finishes. The look of the year was all about understated neutral tones. Deere, having always been attracted to bold colors and all things sparkly, created her makeup brand to fill a gap in the market.


Less than ten years later, Lime Crime has become the trendsetter in the makeup industry. While Deere has always created products that used super bright pigmentation and glittery or glossy finishes, other makeup brands are only just starting to catch on. Predictably, lots of the most popular makeup brands are ripping off Deere’s signature style.


What makes Lime Crime so unique is that Doe Deere has stayed true to her own personal aesthetic since the brand’s launch almost ten years ago. Each product is carefully formulated to Deere’s approval and she tests each product out on herself for a considerable length of time before deciding that it’s right for the brand. Because of this dedication to her own vision, millions of loyal fans know that what they are getting is an incredibly unique makeup product that is miles ahead of what’s currently trendy.


As the CEO, Deere has learned to always trust her gut in every situation. If a decision doesn’t instinctively feel right, she doesn’t entertain it for a second. She knows her brand and knows exactly what type of cosmetics customers purchase Lime Crime products.


Another part of Lime Crime’s success is its love for animals. In addition to the fact that many Lime Crime products feature cute animals on the packaging, the brand takes a highly ethical stance when it comes to the treatment of animals in the cosmetics industry. All Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty-free, allowing customers to know that the Lime Crime products that they purchase are not harming animals in any way. Deere, a lifelong animal lover, regularly donates to animal rescue programs around the country.


Thanks to Deere’s devotion to her dreamy and whimsical aesthetic, cosmetics lovers have learned how to have fun with makeup. Despite the fact that multiple brands have tried to copy Lime Crime’s aesthetic, the brand is always ahead of the trend much to the excitement of loyal Lime Crime customers.


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