1 Nov

Matte Lipstick From Lime Crime


I have used Lime Crime products for some time now, but there is always something new that the company introduces that I feel that I would like to try. One of the products that I always try to have on hand is the matte lipstick. A new color that I have found that I actually enjoy is Bloodmoon. It’s a deep red that has a velvet appearance while on the lips. The product goes smoothly on the lips, and it will last the entire day so that I don’t have to worry about applying it over and over again.


Another color that I like in the matte lipstick line of items by Lime Crime is Moonstone, and I’ve bought them from Love-Makeup before. This is a gray color that looks silver. It doesn’t glisten on the lips, but it does give a hint of a sheer design when you’re in the right light. The color blends with almost everything in my wardrobe. Lime Crime has satisfied my makeup desires once again with these colors that are offered. I even found the combination so that I can get both of the lipsticks for one price, which makes it easy to choose which one I want to wear instead of purchasing one lipstick at a time.

Posh is another lipstick color that Lime Crime offers that I enjoy.