9 Jun

Keeping Prison Guards Safe Using Securus Technologies

The job of a prison guard is extremely dangerous, on any given day there is the chance that we will not be coming home due to inmate violence. Add into the mix inmates getting their hands on drugs or weapons, and you just created an environment where you never know when or how an attack will occur. The goal of my fellow officers and myself is trying to keep the prison as safe as we can possibly make it.


When we were told by our supervisor that the Securus Technologies team was coming to the jail to install a brand new inmate telephone communication system, we had no idea what we were in for. Up to now, we had been monitoring inmate calls, but the system was very primitive, so you had to really listen carefully or you could miss key information. With the Securus Technologies system, the LBS software does the work of a dozen corrections officers and will hone in on key chatter that could reveal drug use, weapons smuggling, even the use of illegal cellphones.


The prison system trusts Securus Technologies, they are in over 2,600 correctional facilities and employ 1,000 hard-working individuals who all work towards the same objective, keeping the world safe for all of us. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says his Dallas-based company has made huge strides in making the prison a safer environment for inmates and officers.


Soon after we learned how to use the new inmate phone system, we were already getting huge results. The system alerted my team to when inmates were doing drugs in the cells at night. We picked up on chatter about how drugs were getting past the security check-points. We even discovered who was smuggling in drugs for inmates on a regular basis and put a stop to it.