19 Oct

Madison Street Capital’s Excellence In Corporate Restructuring

Madison Capital has made a trustworthy name for itself in the investment banking segment with exceptional service and reliability. The firm is based in Chicago and is a leading force in corporate finance.

It is adept at identifying lucrative opportunities for investors in Chicago, Oregon as well as Ghana and India. The company provides stellar advisory on corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, tax compliance and private placement among others.

The firm adopts a global strategy and has an in-depth understanding of corporate finance. The management team is highly skilled and undertakes comprehensive research and analysis to give clients the best options. This includes financial services such as valuation, asset management, and tax planning.

The company boasts of a diverse range of corporate clients including Fiber Science and Bond Medical among numerous other firms. It was behind the successful merger between DCG Software, a business technology firm based in Pennsylvania and the Spitfire Group based in Denver.

The merger of the analytics technology company and the business consulting group will create value for clients in project management and bespoke technology developments.

The top management teams from both firms were full of praise for the smooth way Madison Street Capital handled the deal. According to press releases on PR.com, the company has arranged numerous other financing deals. Another highlight in the firm’s register is the acquisition of Acuna and Associates by Dowco.

Other successful mergers the company has facilitated include the acquisition of Fabtrol by the Aveva Group, the buyout of StarSeismic by Vopne Capital and the recapitalization of Naveos by Tamroc Partners among others.

Bloomberg revealed that the Madison Street Capital reputation of facilitating exceptional corporate restructuring agreements has earned the firm numerous industry awards. It has been acknowledged by the M&A Advisor multiple times. It also won the 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks award presented by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

The firm has extensive experience in multiple segments such as technology, distribution, aerospace, biotech, and energy among others. The privately-held company was launched in 2005. It focuses on the middle-market segment as well as niche markets. Madison Street Capital has extensive relationships with industry stakeholders. Read more: Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

The executive team is also highly-skilled and experienced led by the CEO Charles Botchway. They understand the unique challenges middle-tier firms face when looking for growth capital, lines of credit and exit strategies.

This enables the company to handle both simple and complex transactions with ease. It is well versed in the intricacies of global corporate governance and is a sure bet to get companies on the path to profitability.