28 Nov

Mike Baur: A True Modern Day Revolutionary

When it comes to being labelled as a revolutionary means that you have to be able to great things that are on another level from the competition. Changing the game is another way to put it, but many individuals just doesn’t have what it takes to be a true revolutionary. Have you ever heard of Mike Baur? Have you heard of The Swiss Start Up Factory? Unlike famous celebrities and athletes that world seems to idolize, most authentic revolutionaries will never become household names even though they’re providing products/services that enhances lifestyles of man-kind.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is a reflection of the 21st Century. Technology dominates the scene no matter the field or industry. Some of the most popular devices today use some of the most advance technology whether it’s phones, apps, televisions, or computers. The Swiss Start Up Factory is designed for those brilliant individuals who are looking for successful careers in this innovative industry. The program prepares individuals for entrepreneurship and the business world. With such a sophisticated structure, this program teaches people the tips, tricks, and techniques for pitching ideas to investors or to simply start a brand/company of your own. People who have active minds and are wanting to “set the world on fire” with their ideas can truly benefit from the program. Technology is a field that will never go out of style so brilliant minds of the present will be leading the way into the future.


This Swiss Entrepreneur has over 20 years of experience in the world of banking and has worked for some of the most prominent banks by the names of Sallfort and Clariden. Mr. Baur is from Fribourg, Switzerland and with his strong ambition to push himself to the limit, he and two other individuals partnered up and started the (SSUF) back in 2014. Now digitally innovative people had a place to learn, be tested, and to shared their ideas for starting businesses.  Mike Baur is transcending the tech start-up world with his ideas, beliefs, and expertise, while the Swiss Start Up Factory is developing the next wave of tech geniuses.


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