16 Aug

Michael Lacey is Paving the Way for Future Mathematicians Through His Teaching

Michael Lacey is not your average mathematician. A simple look through his C.V shows that he has more experience in the field than many his age. This stems from the fact that Michael Lacey genuinely loves mathematics. As a result, he quickly grabs every opportunity available to him to advance his understanding of mathematical concepts.

It is, therefore, unsurprising that Mr. Lacey’s passion for the field drove him to become one of the most respected mathematics instructors in the country. Today, he serves as a professor at Georgia Institution of Technology’s School of Mathematics. Michael Lacey held this position for the last 16 years now but has been in the teaching profession since completing his doctoral studies in 1988.

As with all other scholars, Michael Lacey is serious about adding on to the current scope of knowledge in his field. Consequently, he has over the undertaken a number of studies and had numerous research papers covering various mathematical concepts published.

For example, for his doctoral thesis, Mr. Lacey tackled the issue of probability in Banach Spaces. Additionally, he also explored the law of integrated logarithm, with particular regard for empirical characteristic functions. Since then, he has expanded his area of research and has authored more than one hundred published papers.

The number and amounts he has received for his research grants over the years are proof that institutions of higher learning see him as a quality mathematician. His highest grant was $2.1 million received from NSF as part of the VIGRE award.

He also received a $730,000 from NSF MCTP to complete an Undergraduate Program. All in all, being entrusted with millions of dollars time and again is a testament to Mr. Lacey’s hardworking and honest character.

Over the course of his long and illustrious career, Michael Lacey has been awarded and honored by a number of organizations in the United States and beyond.

His very first award came three years after the completion of his doctorate in the form of being named an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow. Seven years later, he was one of the two individuals awarded Prix Salem by the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University.

The following year he was then awarded a 45-minute slot to speak during the International Congress of Mathematics. In 2004 and 2008 he was again named a fellow, this time by Guggenheim and Fullbright respectively. In 2012 he was named a Simons fellow and was again a year later names an American Mathematical Society Fellow.

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3 Aug

Keep Giving!

Dick and Betsy DeVos have just lifted the veil and broken their last record in charitable giving contributions all around, and they plan to only go further: $139 million dollars in total charity giving is only but a small number when it comes to the many needs that today’s postmodern society faces, after all; this number is affirmed as a small stepping stone into what the couple truly hopes to attribute in the many years to come as Dick wisely notes. There is never too much that one can give as needs will always arise; that is why Dick and his wife have donated hundreds, thousands and even millions to certain charitable causes that they have deemed in true need and are always on the lookout for more. Dick and Betsy believe in the solid importance of a true education in America, and that alone is perhaps why they have given so much money away to schools, nonprofit institutions for higher education and other similar entities: They believe that the next generation of U.S. heroes and leaders lie in our very schools today, so they thus affirm their desire to make the best form of education for all – once and for all though it may not always be easy.


Let’s face it: Today’s education system is somewhat in a slump though it has begun to change for the better, ever since President Donald Trump took office and appointed Betsy DeVos as his Secretary of Education. As a result, Americans are beginning to have hope that this country can perhaps be great again as it once was, particularly in its educational sectors. Our current school systems have simply not challenged their students enough and have lowered their quality of education overall, which – as many note – we, as a society, will pay for in years to come. Yet all is not lost; President Obama’s free giveaways and incitements toward laziness are now slowly fading away, and it is time for a new light to shine – American education that now delivers once more – through Dick and Betsy DeVos, along with top leaders like them.


One may also find new status updates on the DeVoses’ appearance in the news, as well as their newest philanthropy contributions, on Twitter and LinkedIn. A recent MLive interview was just featured online as well, one in which Dick was exclusively interviewed and purged for his many secrets to success and more. In the interview, which already has more than 3,000 shares on the online article page, Dick laid it all out: the good, the bad and the not so good. He fervently stressed the importance of giving back, especially for one’s own well-being.


31 Jul

The World’s Iconic Mathematician

Michael Lacey is a renowned mathematician in America. Michael Lacey was born on September 26, 1959. Lacey attended the Illinois University in Urbana-Champaign. There, Michael earned his Ph. D. under Walter Philipp’s direction.

Mr. Lacey’s area of specialization was in the probability sector. Later, Michael Lacey solved problems related to the iterated logarithm for functions characterized by empirical. While at the UNC, Walter Philipp worked with Michael Lacey and provided a proof for the central limit theorem. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://michael-lacey.com/ and https://michael-lacey.com/about/

Michael Lacey began his career at the Louisiana State University. Lacey held executive positions at the North Carolina University at Chapel Hill. From 1989 to 1996, Lacey worked at the Indiana University. While at the university, Lacey mathematical skills were recognized.

Michael received a tenure known as National Science Foundation. During his tenure, Lacey sought to enhance his skills. Michael then commenced studies related to the bilinear Hilbert transform. Later in 1996, Michael’s studies were recognized, and he was then awarded the prize of Salem.

Since 1996, Michael Lacey has served at the Georgia Institute of Technology as its Mathematics Professor. After eight years, Michael decided to partner with Xiaochun Li under the Guggenheim Fellowship. Michael believes in the power of joint efforts towards the realizations of certain theories. Later, Michael Lacey was fully initiated as a member of the American Mathematical Society.

Michael Lacey is recognized for his expertise in Mathematics. Over the years of Michael Lacey’s experience in the mathematics field, Lacey has grown to know more than one Mathematics entity. Currently, Michael Lacey’s work has touched on various areas. The areas include ergodic theory, harmonic analysis, and the probability problems. Michael intends to pass down his skills to many students. Michael Lacey achieves this by offering his services to many institutes and universities.

25 Jul

Traveling Vineyard Turns Your Favorite Hobby Into Your Dream Job

While there are plenty of work from home opportunities popping up all the time, not all of them are created equally. People choose direct sales in order to make money, enjoy a more flexible work schedule, and to do something fun and adventurous. What is more fun and adventurous than wine tastings? Wine has been around for centuries, and has evolved into an art form. Each country brings unique grapes and wine flavors to the table, which is why wine tasting has become such a popular past-time. There are so many wines available that a tasting is the best way to experience new ones and learn about new flavors and pairings.

If you have ever attended a wine tasting, you may have wondered what it would be like to make it your job to conduct wine tastings. Traveling Vineyard took this fun idea and turned it into a business opportunity. They provide all of the in-depth training and resources you need in order to become a wine guide and host your own wine tastings. You can learn about and taste new wines while sharing them with your friends, family and community. You and your guests can enjoy the benefits of tasting a variety of wines without taking expensive trips across the world.

Whether you want to dabble as a Wine Guide to support your hobby, make it your full-time career, or use it as an extra form of income Traveling Vineyard will provide everything you need in order to start and grow your business. When you fill out an interest form an area leader will connect with you and provide you with the one-on-one support you need in order to succeed. Traveling Vineyard is with you every step of the way from your training experience to your first tasting. They will help you grow your business and create your own team.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25432-5-best-wine-routes-france-according-traveling-vineyard

15 Jul

Hussain Sajwani – Leading from the Front in the Booming Real Estate Market of the Middle East

Many different real estate firms are competing against each other to grab the major portion of the booming real estate market of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. It is a well-known fact that the real estate sphere of Dubai is highly developed and lucrative for the investors. Thanks to the government decree of the United Arab Emirates, it is possible for the foreign investors to purchase land in Dubai. It is for this reason why Hussain Sajwani was primarily attracted to the real estate space of Dubai in 2002. The Dubai’s housing market was growing at that time, and Hussain Sajwani was in the United States handling his first entrepreneurial venture, Al Jazeera Services, which is a catering and support services provider.



Hussain Sajwani after noticing the development happening in the real estate market relocated to Dubai and purchased a land in the outskirts of the city of Dubai. He imagined and designed a 38-story residential building in the plot he bought and managed to get the entire property booked before even the first brick of construction was laid. It showcases the marketing prowess of Hussain Sajwani, even at the time when he was new in the real estate space of the Middle East. The Damac Owner understands that the consumers are looking for something new, different, and elegant, and it is why, he ropes in international designing firms such as Versace, Armani, and Fendi to help with the designing aspect of all the real estate projects the company takes on.



Hussain Sajwani is also a well-known and reputed philanthropist and continues to donate generously to various charitable causes and organizations. Recently, Hussain Sajwani gave AED 2 Million to provide clothing to poor kids from across the world. Hussain Sajwani firmly believes in giving back to the society and also has an active Corporate Social Responsibility program running at Damac Properties. Hussain Sajwani also knows Donald Trump well for years and has worked together on many projects. Hussain Sajwani family also loves the Trump Family, and their respective families are seen hanging out together at many of the global events.


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14 Jul

Richard Blair Helps Individuals and Businesses Meet Investment and Insurance Goals through Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory company that provides its clients with top-notch services across Austin, Texas. They help their clients to develop, protect and manage their investment assets. Most of their clients have found Wealth Solutions as a great partner and advisor because they can notice developments in their assets. The founder of Wealth Solution is Richard Blair, and he is a renowned and highly experienced investment administrator. He has mastered his work from his vast experience and numerous qualifications evidenced by certification such as CES, CFS, RICP, and CAS. The company is run as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm and follows a well-developed financial planning process. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that for any entrepreneur to achieve any financial goal they must have a solid plan. This is one of the reasons he opted to help the people in Austin by offering them retirement planning and wealth management services through Wealth Solutions. The firm follows a very a very simple and effective approach that is divided into three pillars as outlined below.

Pillar One: In this phase, Wealth Solutions helps clients to prepare their financial roadmap that outlines the goals, strengths, weaknesses, risk tolerance and development opportunities available. After understanding where the client is coming from, it becomes easy to help them develop and follow a better financial roadmap.

Pillar Two: It is in this phase where the company develops long-term strategies that would help meet client’s investments needs. These strategies are developed in a way that they are customized to meet specific client’s investment and liquidity goals. Richard Blair does this by re-allocating and managing the assets so as to optimize their performance when the market is appropriate and reduce negative impacts during market downturns.

Pillar Three: Once all the investment goals are determined and strategies established to accomplish them, the firm works towards meeting client’s insurance needs. These needs include life insurance, annuities, and long-term care.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a renowned entrepreneur and founder of Wealth Solutions where he has been offering financial advice and other services. He decided to follow this career path from his family’s background experiences whereby his mother and grandmother were both teachers, and he learned that teaching could boost someone’s confidence and knowledge. It is then in 1994 that he founded Wealth Solutions and the firm has greatly assisted many individuals, businesses and families meet their investment and retirement needs. Learn more: http://ianjenkins.net/richard-blair-and-wealth-solutions-that-work/


7 Jul

Jeremy Goldstein: A Lawyer That Stands Out Above the Rest In NY

There is now a more convenient way of finding a lawyer within the New York area. Regardless if the legal matter is child support, a landlord-tenant issue, criminal, or other, going through the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) at https://nysbalris.legal.io is the way to go. This service is available 24/7. You can also contact the LRIS telephone service.


With this referral system, you be required to filled out the form, and the system will match you up with a lawyer. The delivery of services can be scaled to more people at lower prices. The State Bar personnel will review the questionnaire form, and match the right lawyer who’s located in or near the community. After the referral, the individual must pay a $35 fee during the first 30 minute consultation if the person talks to the lawyer. This fee doesn’t apply to matters involving social security, personal injury, veteran law, military law, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, or unemployment. After this consultation, the person doesn’t have to retain the attorney. But, if the person decides to retain the attorney, the fees are determined between the lawyer and the person.


This referral system is also beneficial to lawyers. A Saratoga lawyer, Elena Jaffe Tastensen, stated that attorneys are now serving more clients because of the new online feature regarding carefully screened clients. She further stated that this system is still a great way to find new clients even though she has been in business for over 10 years now.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He has earned his law degree from the New York University School of Law in 1999. He has been there since June 2014. Before Jeremy Goldstein worked there, he worked for Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz from July 2000 to June 2014. Jeremy Goldstein was also an associate for Shearman & Sterling LLP from August 1999 to July 2000.


In Jeremy Goldstein’s current role, he is active in the executive compensation practice. His particular emphasis is on executive compensation issues arising in mergers and acquisitions.

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22 Jun

Nathaniel Ru vs. the Traditional Fast Food Chain

Nathaniel Ru has managed to carve a very creative way to get into the food restaurant chain business. He has managed to do what many people may not have thought he could do when it comes to his competition with fast food establishments. What Nathaniel Ru has done is provide a way for consumers to acquire healthy food, but he has remained as trendy and popular as the bigger restaurant chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King and Taco Bell.


The fact that he has been able to do this with healthy food options is almost miraculous when one considers what he is up against. People have to realize that the costs involved for the distribution of fast food items that are presented on a dollar menu are much cheaper. Any CEO that has a restaurant chain that has a dollar menu is obviously paying even less than a $1 for the food items that they are serving in order to make a profit. This translates into quicker growth and a lot more coverage because the cost of operations, in terms of the food, is much cheaper.


For Nathaniel Ru it is obviously a different story altogether because he is presenting consumers with fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no possible way that he could connect with farmers to get any prices on any of these products under $1. This means that his cost of operations in terms of the food that he is selling is going to be much greater. This is why it was important for him to start small in 2007 and work his way up.


It would not have been wise for Nathaniel Ru to try to expand so quickly throughout the United States because the economies of scale had not been manifested in the locations that he had in the first few years. For Nathaniel to really see the growth of his company in terms of profitability it would take more help from venture capitalists that were willing to invest. Fortunately, the demand for Sweetgreen has been so great that he has not had any problems with getting people to invest in what he was doing. He has been able to prove that there is an interest in eating healthy, and the fact that he can go up against the juggernaut of the cheap fast food restaurant chains is quite impressive to consumers and investors.


20 Jun

The Many Flavors of EOS

EOS, as one of the worlds leading makers of lip balm, has a wide array of flavors for sale. This array of flavors, in addition to their need sphere shaped applicator and organic lip balms are part of the appeal of the brand, which has experienced a meteorite like growth ever since the company was founded just a decade ago. Move here to read more articles, frenchtribune.com.

EOS produces flavors that are old lip balm standards like strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean, and sweet mint, and these flavors appeal to a wide range of buyers of lip balm, check this out. Other users prefer some of the fruit cocktail combinations that EOS sells such as summer fruit, blueberry acai, and raspberry pomegranate, which have complex and compelling flavors that quite simply available anywhere in a lip balm. Some EOS flavors are flower based like honeysuckle honeydew while others are exotic fruits like passion fruit. EOS has a flavor for everyone and half the fun is discovering your favorite. EOS sells variety packs that help you sample a wide range of flavors.

My favorite flavor is raspberry pomegranate and it is unique yet incredibly flavorful and lasts long for a lip balm. Regardless of the flavor offered that you choose, EOS Lip Balms have clean flavors that are untarnished by the additives that other brands use to flavor their balms. Since EOS avoids these additives they often have a cleaner flavor that is more unique and easy to apply without a fake residue bothering your lips particularly after many applications. This clean and authentic taste keeps pulling new customers into EOS. See youtube.com to learn more.

The high quality of EOS Lip Balms means that multiple applications are not needed as the product lasts longer than competiting brands and provides lasting protection from dryness and chapping. It is this which leaves many customers happy and satisfied with the brand able to grow.

Watch here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM for more news.



15 Jun

George Soros: The Open Society Foundations

George Soros is the CEO and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations. This is an organization developed by George Soros to extend his arm of giving back to the society. For the organization, it has always worked hard to fund and support other organizations and individuals across the globe to fight for the freedom of expression, accountable governments, promote justice, and transparency. George Soros’ reputation has gone beyond the world of economics and development capabilities in this industry. For those who are willing to attain the most sophisticated business capability, they need to look at other business facilities that develop income.

George Soros has gained a great amount of wealth through betting in the risky currency trades. For those who need fast income, they always develop facilitated business solutions to access their income through agitated business capabilities. George Soros has also increased his wealth through managing the Soros Hedge Fund Management Company based in the United States. For the company, they have always worked hard to become part of the business solution to the problems facing the real estate industry. In this case, no one knows the industry better than those who have participated in its business. George Soros has also used more than half of his wealth in giving numerous individuals and organizations through charity.

George Soros was born in Hungary. He was born in that country when the Nazi Occupation was eager to develop its animated business solutions. For those who need fast income, they can do it in a manner that accelerates better business opportunities. As a matter of fact, those times posed a great danger to the Jewish communities living in the country. They were the main target by the Nazi Occupation. During that time, George Soros secured false identities to help his family evade the Nazi Occupation. In this case, he also worked hard to help other low-income Jewish families to secure false identities. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros graduated with the highest grades from high school. However, he was not admitted to a local Hungarian college because they did not allow non-citizens to access higher levels of education. For this reason, George Soros went to the United Kingdom where he worked to develop fast income in a manner that is not appreciated in the world of business. He got a job as a waiter at a local railway restaurant in London he used that money to buy food and pay rent for his family members. During that time, George Soros secured an education at the London School of Business. For this reason, he went to become one of the most prominent business partners in the United States. After graduating, he found his way to the United States through the voyage. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com